Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sets a New Path for the Series

Eric Cunningham

Eric Cunningham is the editor-in-chief of Elections Daily. He is a lifelong resident of western North Carolina and graduated from Appalachian State University. You can follow him on Twitter at @decunningham2. @decunningham2.

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2 Responses

  1. Reformed Republican says:

    This is my first Animal Crossing game (other than the one on mobile, which I don’t consider to be the real thing). I was always interested in the series, since the first one came out, but I never had the right system to play it before. I have been enjoying it quite a bit.

    A lot of games, especially RPGs, have house decoration and clothing customization as secondary features, but I never really get into them, because I am focused on the actual game. In this game, I really get into them, and try to have a point to the decorations I set up.

    They could not have released at a better time, either. It’s such a perfect game for relaxing, and many people are stuck at home.Report