Weekend Plans Post: Stay At Home


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10 Responses

  1. Fish says:

    We suddenly realized last night that we only had 1/2 a gallon of milk (well, the normal people milk–plenty of lactose-free milk for me), so I ran out to grab some and missed closing time by a few minutes. Luckily, the liquor store right next door was open so I came home with beer instead.Report

  2. James K says:

    New Zealand is under full lockdown so my my only option for weekend plans is staying at home. The new Stellaris expansion has come out and I took a few hours to reset my copy of Gloomhaven, so playing those games will occupy much of my time.Report

  3. fillyjonk says:

    Recording Zoom lectures, I guess. And trying not to panic after learning that the grocery store I shopped at yesterday had been shut down for a ‘deep clean’ they day before because two employees reported “flu like symptoms” and had to start self isolating. (I’m telling myself that probably the SAFEST day to shop is the day after a “deep clean” but am also slightly nervous. Well, by Wednesday or Thursday of next week I should know….) Doesn’t help that it’s bad spring allergies time here, so I have a scratchy throat and a cough and post-nasal drip to begin with.Report

  4. Reformed Republican says:

    We got an extra week to finish our finals, so this weekend I will be taking a couple of finals. My wife and I might play some Dark Souls: The Board Game, and maybe some Monster Hunter World as well. I also just got a copy of Ni No Kuni on the Switch, so I can find out if the game is as good as I have heard. There will probably also be fishing, bug catching, and deforestation of mystery islands in Animal Crossing as well.

    We do not usually go out on the weekend, so it’s pretty normal for us.Report

  5. Road Scholar says:

    Weekends schmeekends. I get to take a nice long drive cross-country, Washington to Wisconsin. I’m not complaining in the slightest. Being stuck somewhere far from home twiddling your thumbs because the dispatcher couldn’t find a decent load truly sucks. And it looks like it’s a food load of some kind so it’s *essential* and *important* and all.Report

  6. Slade the Leveller says:

    Driving out to the in-laws to pick up my wife. I sent her out there because they live on a farm, so it’s isolated. Then my lovely mother-in-law goes to her regular volunteer stint at the local women’s shelter. So much for isolation.

    Also, attending a virtual church council meeting to discuss the near future fate of our church.Report

  7. Aaron David says:

    I left at various points during the week; going to get new tires, find eggs (the one thing…) and whatnot, so this weekend I will suggest the wife do anything she can think of outside the home. Go for drives, to the nursey (on the approved list) and whatnot.

    Tonight we are going to have a picnic on our porch, as parks are now verboten. Though I have seen some people fishing in the big one across town.Report

  8. dragonfrog says:

    We’re not on lockdown – we can still go outside – but the restrictions keep getting added to every day or two.

    The maximum gathering size went from 200 to 50 to 15.

    Restaurants were first restricted to half their fire code capacity and now they’re takeout only.

    Various types of venues have progressively been closed – first bars and nightclubs, then libraries, gyms, and rec centres; then casinos, playgrounds. Now all non-essential businesses that can’t do curbside pickup must close.

    With only a few days left in the month they’ve finally banned evictions for non-payment of rent.

    None of which changes our plans for the weekend – continue working on the house as though there were some chance of selling it.Report

  9. Jaybird says:

    Jogging was good. Seriously, if this is an option for you, it’s worth exploring. (Note: I am not a medical professional and you should discuss starting any exercise regime with your doctor before going out and doing it.)Report

  1. May 14, 2020

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