Saturday Morning Gaming: Good games for when you’ve got a lot of time to play



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  1. Avatar Nevermoor

    Let me add two other genres.

    First, RPGs (Fallout 2 being my favorite, but newer ones are also good, Red Dead, the Witcher series). I find they really benefit from longer play sessions.

    Second, whichever version of Civilization you put your hands on. That’s a game that is, at most, half a tick short of impossible to stop playing once you’ve started. Playing just “one more turn” may start at a reasonable time, but it’ll carry you through to the next morning no problem.Report

  2. Avatar James K

    Stellaris is s good game for long-playing. It doesn’t require manual skill and you get to tell a story about this species and empire you’ve created while you play a strategy game. Also the new expansion comes out on Tuesday.Report

  3. Avatar Douglas J Hayden

    City of Heroes: Homecoming is my MMO of choice these days, as I’m catching up on the seven years I’ve missed since the original game shut down. Create the superhero you want from a variety of costume and power options, then go around a city beating up bad guys and saving the day. Or create the supervillain you want and beat up bad guys and good guys while ruining the day. The graphics and most of the gameplay is still stuck in 2004, but its a nice retro multiplayer option and has one of the best PuG environments in any MMO today.

    And when I’m not out being a hero, I’m being FDR or Mussolini or Kaiser Wilhelm in Hearts of Iron 4. It scratches my wargaming itch as I continue to delve deeper into the strategies and gameplay. I finally have a game as Allied Kaiserreich Germany that’s reached the Second World War, now to finally see that through to the end. Yes, alt-history is a thing in this game, which is one of its best selling points. Games can be completely random instead of sitting around for years waiting for Pearl Harbor.Report

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