NBA Suspends Season After Player Test Positive for Coronavirus


Andrew Donaldson

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  1. Avatar Jaybird

    Rudy Gobert should have known better than to tell the coronavirus to “put some mustard on it”.Report

  2. Avatar George Turner

    I’m not sure how the players will make it without steady paychecks. Perhaps all the now unemployed vendors can chip in to help them out.

    Washington’s governor just banned all gatherings of more than 250 people.

    Reason article.

    I’d be interesting in seeing the math on how group size affects the spread. Would two gatherings of 125 each be as bad as one gathering with 250?

    There’s also the sequential contact problem where one infected clerk interacts with 250 consecutive customers, yet where the maximum group size was never larger than two.

    It does bring up the wisdom of shopping and banking in really bad neighborhoods where the clerk sits behind bulletproof glass and speaks into a microphone.Report

  3. Avatar LeeEsq

    Who is this man and what did he do with Bill Kristol?

  4. Avatar Pinky

    I never really get back into a sport once I stop following it, whatever the reason I lose track of it. Or at a minimum it takes me a couple of years. I wonder how this imposed break from sports will affect people down the road.

    Another thing, watching a sporting event without crowd noise is probably like watching a mediocre sitcom without a laugh track. You’re going to notice all the downtime. The NCAA tournament, last I heard, is going to proceed without fans. If it does actually take place, it could be a shock to home viewers.Report

  5. Avatar Pinky

    The stunningly beautiful Rita Wilson, who I will always have a crush on, and her husband Tom Hanks have reportedly tested positive for coronavirus. Symbols are important. It will affect billions of people whether they get through this ok or not.Report

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