Saturday Morning Gaming: Trying To Find A Second Slay The Spire



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  1. Avatar Marchmaine

    I’m revisiting Destiny 2. I like the gameplay when I’ve actually found something to do. But I’ll be arsed if I can figure out why they designed every other aspect of the game to suck… my biggest gripes:

    * Team PvE… the matching/scaling sucks (for a new player… maybe it works at endgame)
    * Strikes say 1-3, but don’t scale at 1, and are dick-poundingly hard at 2 players, and… see above for 3 players.
    * Quests… would it kill you to categorize by destination?
    * Wordy as fuck… see above… you are game designers, and I’m going to say this once and for all: you are terrible writers – each and every last one of you.
    * If you are aspiring to be a writer and work at Destiny 2, stop drop and roll, then learn accounting.
    * I want a sortable spreadsheet of tasks, not a post-it board of 3rd grade story ideas.
    * I don’t mind grinding out gear rewards (if the gameplay is fun)… but don’t make me guess what I have to do.
    * I’ve figured out your shitty map/hub/destination design decision…how – in 2020 – do your icons not have pop-up information of what they represent? When I look at a map, a graphical representation of where I should go to enjoy your game… how is it that nothing on the map tells me where I should go? For that I have to read a mini-story on a post-it board?
    * Why do you pretend to have a feature called “Track Quests” it does nothing of the sort.
    * Track Quests is soo bad that I don’t even care that its limited to three (again, in 2020?)… but I’m nevertheless surprised.
    * Jumping puzzles are stupid, unless your game is a jumping puzzle game. And, jumping puzzle games are stupid.
    * This goes to the idiots at Grinding Gears for POE too… don’t change the concept of your game to block advancement and call it a “challenge” … make the “challenge” more of what your game does best.

    Mostly I’m amazed at how *hard* they make it to get to the enjoyable bits of their game… and all the micro systems they designed for – I’m guessing – “immersion” which require running hither and yon for what turns out to be very small benefit?

    If ever there was a game that needed an Editor to look over the draft with a big red pen and just write: verbose, redundant, consolidate, and unclear… this is that game.

    Still, the pew pew is fun.Report

  2. Avatar Fish

    Divinity: Original Sin, Enhanced Edition. Holy fish this game is wordy! I just want to hit something! Oh, but not that thing–I’m not strong enough to hit that thing yet. But the combat is turn-based so that’s fun. And the graphics aren’t bad and at least the voice-acting is, for the most part, pretty good.

    Aside…I’ve been having freeze problems with my PC and I was in seriousl danger of going all “Ship of Theseus” trying to diagnose the problem (replaced HDD, memory, tried an older video card–no dice). I finally stumbled across a tool in a throw-away comment on a message board (OverClock Checking Tool) and within the first 1:30 of the first stress test occt told me that the problem was the CPU.

    And OF COURSE I can’t just get a new CPU (AMD 8350FX) so that means a new proc…and that means a new mobo…and that means new memory…shit.Report

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