Weekend Plans Post: Serendipity


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  1. fillyjonk says:

    This weekend is going to be My Birthday (observed) because like most unfortunate adults, I had to work on my actual birthday (and it was my longest day of teaching, at that, coupled with a faculty meeting over the 45 minutes in which I would normally sit in my office to recoup and eat lunch).

    Plans right now are to go to the yarn shop about an hour from me, I have a $20 “loyalty card” because I spent a chunk of money there LAST time. And probably get lunch out*.

    And I think, make a swing by the Target for more jumbo packs of loo roll and laundry detergent and other things that I’d rather not deal with having delivered to my door, and which might get harder to get IF the worst happens and the viral outbreak gets worse** and supply chains get disrupted here or I don’t want to go to the local Mart of Wal.

    Sunday afternoon I think I will work on the ongoing quilt top; it is a 26 b 26 square grid so I have 676 squares to sew together. I think I currently have 364 of them together…. (This is an oddball quilt that came from a weird idea I had after reading a book on codebreaking; it is based on the Tabula recta idea, and each of the 26 different fabrics – a through z – is a different typographic patterned fabric. The hardest part was finding 26 different fabrics that had a typographical pattern*** and in the end I accepted ones with things like stamps or typography-in-a-non-English language to fill out the total.)

    * Because maybe in a few weeks this will not be a wise idea depending on the spread of COVID-19. Currently there is no sign of it anywhere near me, but….I don’t trust the “we have it contained” claims.

    ** Someone somewhere else said their Costco seemed dangerously low on TP and hand sanitizer and I wonder if the panic buying’s begun. I usually buy the giant packs of loo roll so I only have to do so once a year, and it’s getting close to the year being up.

    *** Without resorting to using Spoonflower to custom-print one for me, but now I think that might have been an excellent idea; get a .pdf of one of my published papers converted to yardage and cut it up and put it in a quilt… but yeah, it did take me 2 or 2 1/2 years of haunting quilt shops and mail-order sites to find 26 different typographical fabrics.Report

  2. Fish says:

    Re: Saturday night D&D session…We’re running “Against the Slave Lords,” which was a series of tournament modules for GenCon XIII in 1980. Since this was a tournament adventure, there was really no need to tie the four (now five) separate adventures together outside of a basic “now you’re fighting the next set of slavers…” Because I like narrative, I was trying to come up with a hook to get the party from Darkshelf across Woolly Bay and into Highport (World of Greyhawk >>>>>> Forgotten Realms…fight me). The hook came to me yesterday at work and I rushed home after the climbing gym to commit it all to paper before my goldfish brain forgot it all.

    The hook also conveniently solves a bit of a problem my players didn’t even know they had, so that’s nice, too. I just hope my plan survives first contact with the enemy…er…with the players.Report