Video: Blagojevich Is A Natural


Will Truman

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  1. fillyjonk fillyjonk

    Thank God for small favors on that last bit*. (I say this as a former Illinois resident and someone with relatives still there)

    (*the not-permitted-to-run-for-President bit)Report

  2. Avatar gabriel conroy

    Back before Blagojevich was convicted, but after he had been charged (and probably after he had been impeached), he was doing his usual thing of declaring his innocence to news reporters. On one occasion, a reporter laid out to him how grim his (Blagojevich’s) prospects were, how likely it was that he’d be convicted. For a few seconds, Blagojevich lost his bluster. He got really quiet. I (watching the newscast) saw a look of panic on his face, a look that said, “yes, this won’t go well for me and I’m afraid.” A few seconds later, he resumed his bluster.

    I’ve tried to find it on YouTube, but haven’t (so far) been successful. It was such a small scene.

    It was hard, for me, to see that and not have some sympathy for the guy.

    Of course, I wasn’t one of the victims of his shakedowns, and he was a corrupt governor who probably deserved to go to jail (even though, as I’ve said elsewhere, I thought the punishment, like many punishments, was too harsh). And of course, he’s unrepentant. But I’m weary of meting out punishment based on whether someone is successful at acting repentant.


  3. Avatar PD Shaw

    I’m not sure why he can’t run for President. He can’t run for statewide office because he was convicted on impeachment. He meets all of the qualifications in the U.S. Constitution to run for any federal office. The Illinois Attorney and Registration Commission is holding a hearing shortly to decide whether he should be permanently barred from the practice of law, though he could try some other state, like California, that bankrolled his re-election.Report

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