That Time I Played a Game and Liked It

Laura Gadbery

Wife to an enginerd, graduated homeschool mom, a little snarky.

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3 Responses

  1. DensityDuck says:

    I really like the modern theme of cooperative boardgames. Not everybody is equally able to approach competition with equanimity, and when the competition has a human face that leads to seriously hurt feelings.

    That said, a friend pointed out that the assumption is that in a typical four-player game each player will win 25% of the time, and that means that four-player cooperative games are balanced such that the players lose three-quarters of the time…Report

  2. Jaybird says:

    The game is meant to be destroyed during play



    I assume the game has zero replayability? Like you could list off a handful of solutions to problems right now to the puzzles? Because I’ve played a handful of games with zero replayability and just dumping them in the trash when you’re done might be the best way to deal with zero replayability games but… still…

    Okay, checking the google… The Exit games are around ten bucks.

    Whew. Okay. That’s an acceptable price for a play-once-then-toss game.

    (There are a handful of co-op games that are delightful and a handful more that are asymmetrical where it’s you and a team against one person who has a serious leg up. Those might be good for y’all too.)Report

  3. This sounds really fun! I tend to get overly competitive when I play (imagine that) so I find these types of community games appealing. Thanks for sharing!Report