Mini-Throughput: We’re All Doomed Edition

Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel is an astronomer living in Pennsylvania. He is on Twitter, blogs at his own site, and has written a novel.

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7 Responses

  1. veronica d says:

    Gawd I fucking hate Express. They have a new “doom asteroid” post up every 3 nanoseconds, which then get put on my newsfeed in place of literally any other science article that might be worth reading.Report

  2. George Turner says:

    Well, there’s also the pro-SMOD (Sweet Meteor-o-Death) contingent that thinks a major asteroid strike would be an improvement on the current state of affairs. I mean, Bloomberg? Come on, SMOD!Report

  3. If we have to accept the dichotomy of “NASA is a boondoggle” vs. “NASA is a moral imperative,” I’d probably be in the “boondoggle” camp.

    But the “civilization insurance” idea–along with what I suspect may be many things I enjoy and that make life better for people–remind me that the dichotomy is false.Report

  1. February 11, 2021

    […] Defense. One of the great potential dangers facing Earth is the possibility of an asteroid or comet impact, the impact of which could range from a small nuclear weapon to a Civilization-shattering […]Report