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  1. Avatar Marchmaine

    I’m *not* playing Warcraft III – Reforged…

    Waiting for the Harvard Business Review case study on Blizzard.

    What makes me cringe isn’t that the Reforged version is inconsistent and meh (so I hear), its that along the way they decided to destroy the Original (which I also stopped playing, 1 or 2 decades ago – its hard to remember exactly how long its been since Blizzard knew how to make a game). So, not merely incompetent but seemingly maliciously so.

    Whats funny to me is that while porting to my new system I contemplated whether I should re-install Battlenet (or whatever they call it now) and realized I hadn’t played a blizzard game in ages. I quite Diablo3 after maybe the second or third “season” when I realized that all they were going to do was mildly fiddle with the set-bonuses. They couldn’t even be arsed to add a new set every, say, 3 seasons or what not. Of course, D3 costs $0 so they gained nothing, but then I lost nothing.

    Still… I said to myself, who am I kidding, I’ll buy the Reforged game just cause I like RT games and there aren’t a lot coming out… and hey, its Blizzard so it won’t be *merely* a reskin… they’ll update the genre (if maybe only incrementally). Buuuut… my faith in Blizzard was already dead, so I didn’t pre-order; I figured, sure, I bet I’ll buy it, but like D3 maybe it will take them a few years to take out the suck. Then again, will they care for a reskin? And lo how Blizzard has fallen.

    Ultimately reskinning old games is the ultimate Meh! of game design, but how Blizzard can fail at reskinning is definitely worth a Harvard Business Review case study.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Marchmaine

      If I had to throw a guess out there (and I base this on stuff like the infamous Blizzcon from two years ago plus the Blitzchung Hong Kong support thing): “Millions of Chinese folks will pay for it anyway, so why put in effort for a few hundred thousand Americans?”Report

      • Avatar Marchmaine in reply to Jaybird

        Now I wonder if the D3 Phone re-skin of the re-skin of the other game done totally in-house and not by a Chinese re-skinner will break D3? I mean, D3 is free but we all have Phones, right?

        Maybe the Harvard Business review will be about how genius their 21st century strategy is playing out.Report

  2. Avatar Fish

    (Psst…it’s “Wrath,” not “Rage”

    I really like this character. I’ve played The Watcher as a “Stance switcher/Flurry of Blows build” (FoB cost 0 to play and do minimal damage, but you get all of them back from your discard pile when you change stances). I’ve played the “Pressure Points” build (note: FUN but not sustainable). I’ve played a defensive build, a Wrath build (death is inevitable), and a Divinity build. Stance switcher is probably the best; Divinity builds will do TONS of damage but defense can be a problem. I haven’t yet figured out a use for Scrying, though.Report

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