Weekend Plans Post: The Big Game



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  1. fillyjonk fillyjonk

    Had the doctor checkup today. I had already seen my blood test results and they were reassuring in a very particular way, but the doctor confirmed: Something happened that scared you because you’re YOU, but it’s totally within the range of normal for you, and based on your blood test results and what else you reported going on, nothing at all is wrong.

    The weird thing COULD have been the result of last fall’s stresses. Or it could have been a fluke. Or it could have been because I’ve recently increased the amount of exercise I get in a day. At any rate: fundamentally normal.

    And no further testing needed.

    So I’m NOT gonna die, at least not yet.

    Weekend plans are to take the weekend entirely for myself. I pushed hard this week to do my new-class prep (which I had been doing on Saturday) during some longer afternoons Wednesday and Thursday, to buy myself to time to go have fun this weekend.

    I also got a text from the person in Denison (about 1/2 hour to the south of me) who does long arm quilting that my quilt was done and ready to be picked up. I already had plans to go shopping – to go to a yarn shop about an hour from me, but Denison is on the way, so I can stop and get my quilt first.

    So I am going to buy myself some yarn and some fabric, and maybe hit the natural-foods store for some of the fancy nibbles I like.

    And tonight? After a few weeks of really watching what I ate (I knew I had bloodwork coming up even before I panicked and had it moved up because I thought I might have cancer or fibroids), I am going to get a big greasy cheese pizza from the local Mom and Pop Italian place. (They do more or less New York Style, though with better crust than some New York Style I’ve had).

    And this weekend I am only doing what *I* want to do, instead of doing stuff I must do/stuff for other people.Report

  2. Avatar Aaron David

    As my father was born in SF, my mother born across the bay, along with her father and his mother having been born in SF, I will do what I always do when that cities teams play in a sporting event. Root against them. Why, you might ask? I, alone in my family for generations, was not born in CA. I was born in WA a few short years befor my parents moved back to Cali.

    (My birthday was on Tuesday, and my son came out from Philly to visit for a week. Nice to have him around, but it will be nice to spend the weekend just doing what my wife and I want.)Report

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