The Weird Romantic World of Jim Steinman


Kristin Devine

Kristin is a geek, a libertarian, and a domestic goddess. She lives in a wildlife refuge in rural Washington state with too many children and way too many animals and works with women around the world as a fertility counselor. There's also a blog which most people would very much disapprove of

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  1. Avatar Jaybird says:


    I came in here to say that I did the Steinman thing for a while and I was taken in and fell in love with his massive, sweeping, overstatement and bombastic delivery. Meatloaf was almost operatic to my adolescent ears.

    Did you ever spend any time with his Dead Ringer album? (It’s got Meatloaf’s version of “Read Em And Weep” on there.)

    It’s not a *GREAT* album, but it has Cher on it.


  2. Avatar Aaron David says:


    Willem deFoe and Lee Ving(PBUH,) founder of FEAR! as bad guys. Motorcycles and guns and a scene with the Blasters!

    (mildly NSFW)


  3. Avatar Brandon Berg says:

    Jim Steinman was a weird goth kid in drama club before being a weird goth kid in drama club was a thing.

    Regarding Whistle Down the Wind, Steinman only wrote the lyrics, while Lloyd Webber wrote all the music. Also, the song that the Everly Brothers recorded for the show was “Cold,” not “A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste.” It shows up in the show in the form of the radio playing a song explicitly identified as an Everly Brothers song. I had no idea that it was an original song, though; I assumed that they’d just dug up some deep album cut from the 50s.Report

    • Avatar Brandon Berg in reply to Brandon Berg says:

      Oh, this is interesting: It turns out that the Everly Brothers actually did record a Jim Steinman song called “A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste” in the 80s, but it’s a totally different song from the one Lloyd Webber and Steinman wrote for Whistle Down the Wind. Steinman reused the title and a few lyrical phrases for Lloyd Webber’s song, but other than that they don’t have much in common.

      Here’s the Everly Brothers song. The video uses an image of the “Whistle Down the Wind” concept album disc, but if you look closely you can see that the song is attributed to Meat Loaf, and “Cold” is attributed to the Everly Brothers.


      • Thanks for the info. This wasn’t meant to be the most factual of articles of course. I listened to the Everly Brothers version one time, thought “this is nowhere near as good as the other” and didn’t honestly pay that close of attention to it otherwise. Appreciate it.Report

        • Avatar Brandon Berg in reply to Kristin Devine says:

          I just want to point out that the one you don’t like was written by Jim Steinman, and the one you do like was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

          Actually, the 80s one with the Everly Brothers is growing on me. Not one of Steinman’s all-time greats, but it has its moments.Report

    • Avatar Brandon Berg in reply to Brandon Berg says:

      I think I have a comment in moderation explaining the confusion over “A Kiss Is a Terrible Thing to Waste,” but I’m not getting the “Your comment is in moderation message,” so I’m not sure.Report

  4. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Hey now hey now now
    Sing this corrosion to me
    This is a haikuReport

  5. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    God, the number of teenage makeout sessions that happened to Paradise…Report

  6. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    Michael Bay directing a music video for a Steinman song; of course I’d Do Anything For Love is delightfully bizarre.Report

  7. Avatar Mark says:

    No Pandora’s Box mentioned. Includes the greatest version of Its All Coming Back To Me Now IMHOReport

    • Avatar Kristin Devine in reply to Mark says:

      I’ll check it out – I saw it listed but I didn’t want to include several versions of the same song and since I personally am a fan of the Celine Dion version (and it’s the whole reason I wrote this to start out with) I felt I needed to include it. 🙂Report

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