Terry Jones, Founding Monty Python Member, Passes at Age 77


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2 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    If you’ve never seen any of his bits, some of his funniest include this one from Life of Brian (CW: Offensive, blasphemous):

    Here’s the audio for Crunchy Frog (He’s the Candy Bigwig (CW: Offensive)):

    He was the writer and director of the exceptionally offensive Erik the Viking and co-director of the exceptionally offensive Life of Brian, Meaning of Life, and Quest for the Holy Grail.

    A comedic giant. We were privileged to have him.Report

  2. Anne says:

    In the late 70′ I remember my dad forcing us to watch Monty Python….don’t you hate it when your parents are right (wasn’t right on Benny Hill) I probably quote Monty Python waaay too much be it from the Holy Grail, Life of Brian or the shows….wafer thin mint anyone?Report