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  1. Avatar Maribou says:

    Enjoying knowing where my husband is and about when he’ll be home ;).Report

  2. Avatar Aaron David says:

    Sometime next week is my 49th birthday (seriously, how did this happen? why was I not informed?) so the wife and I are going to dinner at the steak house tomorrow and then heading out to the coast for a few days in the sun… or, wait, this is Oregon, so a few days in the overcast drizzle. Should be nice, as we are bringing little doggo terrorist with us.

    Also, I had a sleep test a couple of weeks ago, and of course, the doc recommended a c-pap. Got fitted for it yesterday, and can I just say that I have had exactly one panic attack in my life before this infernal contraption? Well, yesterday was my second. F that evil POS. I am going to have to call the doc and have it taken away. Having a cage on my head and being made to artificially breath is simply not something I will do voluntarily.Report

  3. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Probably not much. Maybe a little work; several things derailed me from getting done what I planned this week: first, an International student who was taking one of our graduate classes with me (which are ALWAYS “arranged” because we only have 2-3 students at a time who take them) was told “no, arranged classes don’t count, you will have to either find another class or leave the country” and it was like “Boy, that escalated quickly” and the department chair and I spent the better part of a day scrambling around until we found out that AKSHUALLY arranged classes DO count if they’re face-to-face, which this one is. So we just had to sign some paperwork and the students doesn’t have to go back to Gabon and cool her heels for six months to a year before coming back…..

    then the next day I had – well, in the avoidance of TMI, I’ll just say it was something that had it happened a year earlier, I’d have shrugged and gone “normal for my weird body” but given my age and the…state I thought I had been in….it could have been a symptom of something very bad and alarming indeed. I’ve moved up my annual bloodwork to Monday (though I’m not sure what that will show) and will be scheduling a mildly invasive and unpleasant test on Monday when I go get the blood drawn. Though now, based on how the thing has progressed? I think the answer actually is “normal for my weird body” but I guess I’ll still do the unpleasant testing….

    But I am really ready for life to stop pitching me curveballs. I would like one month that is just easy and no bad surprises happen…Report

    • Avatar Maribou in reply to fillyjonk says:

      I am having a related but different bout of normal for my weird body myself and you have my sympathies. (I will be getting some complicated hormonal bloodwork done tomorrow morning and reading your comment has reminded me to eat dinner before I start fasting, so thank you!!!)Report

      • fillyjonk fillyjonk in reply to Maribou says:

        Fistbump of solidarity. I’m gonna plan on an early but decent dinner Sunday night, and have told myself that “if there’s ever a time you’re ‘allowed’ to have a donut, it’s after you get fasting bloodwork done’ so that’s my plan after I walk out of the office Monday morning.

        Not sure if I will still need the other testing….the alarming symptom has, uh, abated, and in retrospect, if this had happened a year earlier? I would have shrugged and gone “okay, so ‘the change’ wasn’t done for me yet, fine, carry on.’ Gonna see if my doctor is around Monday morning to get advice on if I REALLY need a test that will be unpleasant and will cost me considerably more than the simple office co-pay.

        But at least I’ve gone from Thursday’s feeling of “o sh*t, this might be it, I might find out I have six months left” which also led to worries about “what will I do with all the crap I’ve collected” and sadness about “I have all these books I never got to read” and also “why did I waste so much time sitting in pointless meetings.” I’ve had the whole “remember thou art mortal” thing shoved in my face waaaaay too much these past six months and I’ll be honest, Thursday I was wondering if it just broke me and I was even contemplating “well, if you find out you have limited time left, just quit. Don’t care that you’re burning bridges, having fun with whatever time you have left is more important” but……that seems vanishingly unlikely now.Report

  4. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    This whole week has been wrenched. On Monday the Kaiser doc said the hideous cough was sinusitis and bronchitis, and prescribed an antibiotic, steroids, and an inhaler. So add in the fun that comes with having all your gut bugs killed off. Spent last night with lower back muscle spasms, reason unknown. So long as I moved veeery slooowly the spasms stayed calm. Turned getting into and out of bed, and even rolling over, into qigong forms. Same spasms returned this evening, but seem to have resolved already with some diligent (slow) stretching. Still coughing stuff up. If that doesn’t clear up over the weekend, it’ll be back to Kaiser on Monday.

    The triage nurse at Kaiser same-day care this past Monday said that the crud getting passed around Front Range Colorado seems particularly nasty this year.Report

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