Weekend Plans Post: New Year, Old Me


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  1. Doctor Jay says:

    I have a suggestion about eating “the bad stuff”. When you are thinking about eating bad stuff, consider not only how it will make you feel right now, which I assume is “Yum!!!11!”, but how you will feel an hour from now, 6 hours from now, and 24 hours from now after eating it. That’s probably “Not so yum (sad face)”. If it’s worth it, it’s probably ok, actually, and maybe not as bad as you have been told.

    If you are bingeing, you probably need to not let yourself get so hungry, and if you are hungry, eat some “good stuff” first so you are not so hungry.

    And be patient with yourself. These are transformative practices, and I’ve been using them to modify my binge eating (which I acquired back in high school wrestling).Report

  2. Aaron David says:

    So, we went and bought a new mattress yesterday, during which I talked the wife down from buying the most expensive one to a set that was half the cost (“did it really feel 2x better? No? Well…) and later that night I found out that the furnace at the rental was going out.

    So I have that going for me, which isn’t so nice. I think that whatever I do with my weekend, it will be on the cheap side.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Aaron David says:

      The furnace thing sucks. As for the mattress… it’s not just the “twice as good”, it’s also the whole “how long are you going to have it?”

      25% better might be worth twice as much amortized over 8-10 years.Report

  3. Fish says:

    I broached the subject of turning the guest room into a library with a couch or murphy bed that can be depoloyed when we have guests because seriously…what’s the point of having a room in your own gods damned house that isn’t fully useful? She was surprisingly, readily agreeable and I’ve started hunting for a good bed hybrid/substitute (and I might have already found one).

    Looking forward to the aforementioned D&D game, which will include a necessary retcon to something the DM (me) did during the last sesh to restore some tension/integrity to the game.

    No Premier League this weekend but there is FA Cup, so I get to bask in Arteta’s first win as Arsenal manager (2-0 over United) until the FA Cup fixture against Leeds United on Monday. Oh, and there’s KU beating Bob Huggins and WVU in Lawrence this weekend, too.Report

    • Maribou in reply to Fish says:

      In all my curiosity about the other stuff going on in your house, I forgot to mention that I really really approve of the general decision to make the guest room into a library.

      I mean, that’s what we did. And it has a comfortable (full size, never bigger than that!! i kept getting more bedlike over a decade until I hit full, with a deployable twin airmattress for people’s kids if I MUST move out my own stuff, and stuck) bed in it anyway! because you know what turns out to be great? Having fullon lounging /napping / flopping about capabilities in your library! You just need enough sizes and kinds of pillows to make non-lying down positions delightful ….

      Anyway I hope y’all have lots of fun!Report

  4. Slade the Leveller says:

    Time to start taking care of some deferred maintenance for us, so to the hardware for me this weekend.

    As for low calorie mind altering substances, IL just legalized one. All you have to do is wait in an hours long line.Report

  5. I’m buying a car this year. Definitely once June 1st hits and the car insurance rates return to normal. I’m going to save up and hopefully put my living partner on the straight and narrow when it comes to budgeting money. After that, I’m going to re-budget and start saving up for other things since I currently live with a spendthrift who has no concept of the future.Report