Klaus: A New Holiday Favorite

Oscar Gordon

A Navy Turbine Tech who learned to spin wrenches on old cars, Oscar has since been trained as an Engineer & Software Developer & now writes tools for other engineers. When not in his shop or at work, he can be found spending time with his family, gardening, hiking, kayaking, gaming, or whatever strikes his fancy & fits in the budget.

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1 Response

  1. rexknobus says:

    Thanks for the recommendation. Watched it; really enjoyed it. (Not a big sentimental Xmas movie fan). Terrific, artful animation, great humor and heart. A new favorite and I’ve been passing the word around. Lots of little gags in the background that I am sure will reward re-watching (e.g., the spooky little girl with the carrot and her perfect payoff). A lot of imagination and skill went into this. Thanks again!Report