Weekend Plans Post: The Last Potentially Normal Weekend



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  1. fillyjonk fillyjonk

    Graduation is tomorrow. We’re expected to go – we have to formally request to be absent. Like any odd rule, there is an odd backstory to this: allegedly many years ago (before I started working here) some graduation so few faculty showed up the admins were embarrassed, and so now we’re all expected to go unless we have an excuse. (I do not think anything would happen if a person woke up sick the morning of graduation and just skipped though. Then again, a colleague of mine has shown up *distinctly* hung over to graduation, which….that’s dedication, because it’s indoors with loudspeakers and some idiots with air horns).

    I also need to pack and generally ready for traveling for Christmas; I leave on Monday for a bit over 2 weeks at my mom’s. Part of the plan is to do some further clearing out (I can see now my dad was the real packrat in the family) but also do Christmas stuff. And for me, decompress from the semester.

    This was a very hard semester both in terms of work (four classes is no joke) and personal stuff (dealing not just with my dad’s death but with the loss of two separate friends in separate car wrecks). I do have to drag along the stuff for Advanced Biostats and review the various flavors of general linear models and teach myself a little Bayesian stuff. But I also NEED to relax, and so another thing this weekend is going to be planning what knitting projects to take, and if needed, printing off the patterns/winding off the yarn for those.

    There’s also stuff at church and I guess I have to make food for a party Sunday night. But I’m just kind of peopled out and would like to be somewhere quiet and where I can mostly be taken care of for a change…Report

  2. Avatar Aaron David

    Aside from my usual weekend time of Getting Out of My Wifes Hair (she is any only child who grew up in the country, and thus like a fair bit of alone time), I will be doing much to prep the house for the coming X-mas. We will be having guests, so I have to make sure the spare bedroom is good, porch swept, pictures hung, etc.

    And plotting to take over the world.Report

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