Broth and Stock: Truly Making Something From Nothing


Kristin Devine

Kristin is a geek, a libertarian, and a domestic goddess. She lives in a wildlife refuge in rural Washington state with too many children and way too many animals and works with women around the world as a fertility counselor. There's also a blog which most people would very much disapprove of

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  1. March 13, 2020

    […] time. I have an article about making your own broth here – it’s easy and all but free: Broth and Stock: Truly Making Something From Nothing. Once made, homemade broth can be easily frozen in glass jars for later […]Report

  2. April 15, 2020

    […] Peas (much better frozen than canned!), spinach (much better frozen than canned!), 100% grape juice (not grape cocktail, get 100% juice), old bananas – just put them into the freezer whole and still in their skin (you will usually just have these left over, but occasionally you can buy extra for pennies), Cool Whip, homemade broth (don’t waste money on canned broth, homemade is so easy and free! I have an article on making your own broth here: Broth and Stock: Truly Making Something From Nothing) […]Report

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