A Star Wars Double Feature: Rogue One and Solo

Eric Cunningham

Eric Cunningham is the editor-in-chief of Elections Daily. He is a lifelong resident of western North Carolina and graduated from Appalachian State University. You can follow him on Twitter at @decunningham2. @decunningham2.

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9 Responses

  1. Solo is the only Star Wars film I’ve ever really looked forward to, and it was because I’d enjoyed Alden Ehrenreich so much as the cowboy in Hail Caesar and wanted to see what he did with the part of Han Solo. So disappointing that the answer was “nothing much”. What would have made the film great was a characters arc: What turned Han from a mostly naive, good-natured kid into the crooked, cynical loner (Chewie aside) that we meet in the first film? Losing his girl the way he did could have been the answer (it was for Rick Blaine), but that’s not what Solo cares to show us; it’s all about incidents, capers and special effects.

    Grade: B-/C+Report

  2. Dark Matter says:

    RE: Rogue One.
    I liked the movie a lot and agree with A+.

    But this is what victory against the Empire looks like?Report

  3. LeeEsq says:

    Rogue One was the first time a work of fan fiction because a major motion picture. ;).Report

  4. Agree on Rogue One. Vox got a lot of heat for titling their review “this is the first Star Wars movie to acknowledge the whole franchise is about war” but that was unfair. This was the first one to really show a war as a war: ethical compromises, sacrifice, strategy, conflicting agendas, culminating in an absolutely stunning third act. The comparison to Saving Private Ryan is a good one.

    Solo would have been much better if they’d started out with the train heist and showed the rest in flashbacks. As it was, it was fine. Not great but not bad.Report