A Guide To The 2019 UK Election

Luis A. Mendez

Luis A. Mendez

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  1. Avatar PD Shaw says:

    One of the most important systemic paradoxes of the UK electoral system is that since Labour introduced devolution, it has strengthened regional politics and political parties. The last Labour majority held 41 seats in Scotland, but by 2015 it held only 1 seat there, while the Scottish Nationalist Party held 56. Now, Labour holds 7 seats, and is currently projected to lose 6 of those in the next election to the SNP. The main reason that Labour probably cannot win a majority in the upcoming election is that it lost a foothold in a region that would generally favor its policies.

    It also somewhat strengthened Conservatives in Scotland and in some ares of England among those opposed to independence. Which is why Boris Johnson said around the time the elections were scheduled, vote for Labour and you’ll get two referendums.Report

  2. Avatar CJColucci says:

    What does a British voter do if he or she favors the legislative program of one party, say, Labour, but thinks the party’s leader is someone who shouldn’t be trusted to run a government, say, Corbyn? Here, we can — and used to — split tickets, though I think there is far less of that than there used to be. What does a British voter do?Report

  3. Avatar George Turner says:

    As an aside, I was watching Sky News this morning and In a surprising move for the upcoming British elections, Labour has promised free broadband to everybody, to be installed by 2030 and paid for by taxing big Internet giants like Amazon and Facebook. My view is that If they’d have done that back in the 80’s, then today they’d probably still be using 9600-baud dial up. Other British parties are questioning the wisdom of the plan, along with the expense and whether it can be done for anywhere near the cost estimates put out by Labour. For example, they’ll have to buy out some big private firms like the one owned by Virgin, and that’s not going to come cheap.

    Interestingly, under EU rules Britain isn’t allowed to nationalize BT and do some other important things required under Labour’s free-Internet plan. How’s that for an election twist? They trot out a broadband scheme to make the election about something other than Brexit, and then need to vote for Brexit to make their Internet plan work.

    An Australian said “Been there. Got the T-shirt. We did that, and it’s been a disaster and a scandal ever since.”Report

  1. April 21, 2020

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