Weekend Plans Post: My Little College Diner Is Closing



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7 Responses

  1. Avatar jason says:

    That’s a drag; a good local diner is a wondrous thing. There was a good diner here that closed a few years back. And a good bar and grill (with an amazing selection of beer on tap), that closed when the owners decided to retire. Aaaaaaand we’re worried a long-time restaurant is going to be sold/change to a new place. I feel your pain, man.
    We’re going to do laundry, shopping, and pre-packing for our trip–making sure we have everything ready to go on Thursday. We might put the tree up to since we’ll be jetlag recovering the weekend after Thanksgiving.Report

  2. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    Man. Having stories like this is how you know you aren’t a young person any more. You’ll get more and more, and they are good. But still…Report

  3. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Yeah, that is a drag. My mom still lives in the town where I went to grad school and when I go back there I marvel at how much it has changed, and how so many of the places I used to eat or visit are gone. Of course, I always seem to forget that I’ve been away for 20 years now.

    Still, I kind of wish Golden West (a stuck-in-the-1970s “family steakhouse” with genuinely good food, apparently the last survivor of a retail chain) were still open….

    Plans for this weekend….well, it’s the last weekend before I travel for my dad’s memorial service (on the 25th) which now has the added feature of Too Many People as I hear of more and more relative-adjacent sorts (some of whom I…..honestly would rather not see….) coming to the service and hanging around. So I’m going to take this as a weekend of self care, do a little knitting, go antiquing, maybe take myself out for lunch. I timed things well; there won’t be any grading I must do this weekend and no exams to write.

    I may also get my Toys for Tots gift; I have a personal tradition of buying some toy every year that either was one my brother or I had and liked when we were kids, or a newly-invented toy that one of us WOULD have liked had it existed when we were kids and then donate it. I don’t have children of my own to buy for (and just one niece), so I like being able to do this.Report

  4. Avatar Jaybird says:

    I went there tonight. Got a Reuben (Please have the guys cook the sauerkraut on the grill *WITH* the Thousand Island. Please add pickles.) and a couple of glasses of wine. I sat and asked the kids behind the counter about their last week or so. One had to write a paper. One told me about how her brother got the Xbox One X he wanted, so now she had to think about what games to get instead of thinking about how to get the game system *AND* make rent.

    At the tail end of the meal, one of my other kids… one who I thought had left to fly to another continent to start a new adventure walked through the back door to explain that her flight had been jacked up and that they’d try again tomorrow. I felt guilty because I also really wanted to see her and her missing her flight allowed me to… and she said that she was disappointed but she was pleased that I was there so I was a (small) upside to missing her flight. So I had her read the above essay on her phone and I excused myself to visit the restroom and, when I came out, she was cutting out a lock of her hair for me to help remember my little college diner by.

    I am very sad.

    But I am only sad because I am so very happy.Report

  5. Avatar InMD says:

    Sucks seeing those places go (glad per your comment you got to stop back in). I went to my alma mater just as it was starting to change from giant state school everyone can get into and is meh about it to high tech system flag ship. Needless to say the town is no longer the run down patch of low rise dives, greasy spoons, palm readers, and old cruddy houses for rent I knew. Every once in awhile I feel like a curmudgeon thinking how are these kids going to learn all those great life lessons in pristine high rises and being catered to by corporatized hipster restaurants? But time marches on I suppose.

    This weekend, like every weekend, will involve a trip to home depot to get a ladder. We learned the hard way that the smoke detectors in two rooms of my new house can’t be reached without one and a dead battery in my sons room had us all up Thursday night trying to switch it out. We were all impressed at my wife’s ability to climb a dresser to get to it.

    I may go into the city for a beer tonight with some friends who are in town from abroad. Probably will also force myself to watch football tomorrow in what is yet another miserable season for the likes of the Snyderskins. But Dwayne Haskins is starting so I guess that’s a reason to watch.Report