The Aftermath Of The Elections Everyone Ignored

Luis A. Mendez

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  1. George Turner says:

    The bad thing about Kentucky’s election was that one of the two utterly despicable candidates won it, which counts as a loss for the state. I think the core problem in the state is that nobody can think of a good reason why anyone would want to be the governor, other than perhaps the guarantee of good seats at the Kentucky Derby. The job does not appeal to the best and the brightest, but it does attract flakes, ideologues, and used car dealers with delusions of grandeur.

    The other five less prominent but probably more indicative state-wide races were won handily by Republicans, by comfortable margins of 200,000 to 300,000 (from 55/45 to 60/40). That used to be unheard of because the state government has traditionally been safely Democrat, but that was before Appalachia went solidly red under Obama (similar to West Virginia).

    Kentucky is also a poor indicator of national trends because most of our Democrat politicians would be to the right of Republicans in deep blue states. One of Beshear’s Democrat primary challengers ran on a campaign that, to me, essentially promoted him as just as backwards, rural, and uneducated as anyone, so he understands Kentuckians. He did really well!Report