Weekend Plans: The Snowstorm That Was



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  1. Avatar DensityDuck

    hooray for steak-umm, the philosophical pressed meat product!Report

  2. Avatar jason

    Catching up on some work (even though I had TWO snow days this week), and we’ll probably visit my wife’s brother in the hospital. He’s recovering from triple bypass. The surgery went well and all signs are good; he’s just in the normal pain from the procedure. Beyond that, laundry, some relaxing, and probably planning details of our trip at the end of the month.Report

  3. fillyjonk fillyjonk

    Decided I HAVE to go in and work on grading/research, because this past week was a tire-fire of me getting grabbed away from the work I WANTED to do to do work for other people, the sort of administrivia stuff that brings me zero joy. Pointless side-quests that generate no XP.

    Also worrying about how I’m going to get out to the store for some basic groceries; today is Payday Friday and sad experience tells me to avoid the wal-mart like the plague on Payday Fridays, but tomorrow morning (a) there is a fun run in town and already it looks like a lotta streets will be blocked off and (b) Wal-mart will look like the locust apocalypse hit tomorrow morning because of all the shoppers today and their lackadaisical restocking tendencies. 🙁

    No time to drive to the next town over (1 hour round trip) to go to a Kroger. Pruett’s doesn’t have everything I want….Report

  4. Avatar Michael Cain

    When I got up this morning, I figured I was going to spend the next three days recovering from upgrading my Mac Mini to the latest version of the operating system (10.15, Catalina). It’s a nasty one: if you have done anything out of the ordinary something(s) will break. I was one of the many whose installation hung part way through. In my case, the machine was left in a sufficiently sane state that I could press on and fix some of the broken things. But yesterday I needed to install a new version of the development tools, and the installer refused to do it until the OS installation finished cleanly.

    I started the morning by collecting everything I could find online that fell into the category of “here’s what I did to get Catalina to finish cleanly.” Some of them were pretty close to “spin three times widdershins while counting backwards from ten in Klingon.” What worked for me was shutting off my Bluetooth keyboard, plugging a USB keyboard directly into the machine, starting the installation again, and hitting the Cmd-L key from time to time. Cmd-L during an upgrade, as it turns out, forces the NVRAM update software to recompute the estimate of remaining time and somehow escapes whatever was hanging the install.

    The list of broken things was lengthy. X Windows doesn’t play nice with the new more-secure file access system, so I had to find a new terminal emulator. The system wasn’t letting any software use the GPU, making video and scrolling suck, so I had to figure that one out. All fonts other than those provided by Apple were deleted, so I had to get my favorites installed again. 32-bit applications won’t run, so I have a couple of old pieces of software that I have to work on and make 64-bit clean, but those aren’t critical. I’m still stumbling over pieces of software that I have to fix things under the new security system.

    But enough of it is fixed that I’m caught up on updates, and won’t have to spend the entire weekend on it.Report

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