In Which Modern Rap Remains King


Alex Perdue

Alex is a 19 year old Political Science and History double major attending the University of South Carolina. He is interested in music, US and UK politics, philosophy, the history of Europe post-War of the Spanish Succession, and the Interwar Middle East.

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  1. Avatar Marchmaine

    Me: “Guys, look I have no idea why Christian pop art is so bad; it doesn’t have to be; it pains me that it is so, and listening to this new album by Kanye I’m afraid I’ll have to concede the poi…”

    Everyone: [stuff about new album]

    Me: “What’s that? This is good? Yes, yes, the music part, not the Christian part… but good you say?”

    Still me: “Well, as I was saying, art – to be good – is at its base fundamentally a spiritual endeavor…”Report

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