TV Reviews for Regular People: Nancy Drew

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  1. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    I really don’t get the impulse to modernize light-hearted kids entertainment by making them darker and sexier. I guess Riverdale had some sort of subversive logic but how many young millennials, the presumed target audience for this show, will know who Nancy Drew is? There was probably greater awareness of Archie and that made Riverdale a somewhat more sensical thing to subvert. It just seems that somebody had a plot idea for a new mystery show and somebody said, “hey, why don’t we name the characters from the Nancy Drew and advertise this as not your mother’s Nancy Drew?” It makes no sense.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to LeeEsq says:

      As an Xer, lemme field this one.

      One of the things I grew up with was the Pop Culture of my forebears. I watched the Three Stooges and Mr. Ed and Batman ’66 and Star Trek in reruns. When I could get away with it, I listened to Motown artists and Elvis and the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. I read Mad Magazine and they parodied movies that I wasn’t allowed to see because they were rated R but I was allowed…ish… to read the Mad Magazines that mostly captured the plotline of the movies I wasn’t allowed to see.

      (I know the plots of Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon because of Mad Magazine. I’ve never seen the movies… but I pretty much got the gist of them.)

      The books I grew up with were stuff like the Beverly Cleary books and the Judy Blume books and, yes, The Hardy Boys.

      The friends who had older brothers/sisters said “hey, check this stuff out” and I found myself with all sorts of cool stuff to read and listen to and it was stuff given them by the older brothers/sisters of their own friends.

      It felt good to get something that I knew that the cool older kids liked.

      Rebooting Nancy Drew is an attempt to be an older brother/sister to the kidz these days.

      The world doesn’t work like it used to, of course. But that’s what they’re going for, I reckon.Report

    • Avatar Jesse in reply to LeeEsq says:

      “It just seems that somebody had a plot idea for a new mystery show and somebody said, “hey, why don’t we name the characters from the Nancy Drew and advertise this as not your mother’s Nancy Drew?” It makes no sense.”

      Because that show might get made, while the original idea won’t.

      Also, the vast majority of people I see online who watch Riverdale have almost zero connection to the comics, beyond whatever they might’ve gotten as presents from very uncool relatives when they were six or whatever. Same basic thing with Nancy Drew.

      Also, while hipster twentysomethings may watch Riverdale because it’s subverting Archie comics, the tweens or teens I see in reaction videos on Youtube largely seem to enjoy it because it’s hot people doing crazy things – aka, every prime time soap since Peyton Place.Report

      • Avatar LeeEsq in reply to Jesse says:

        People keep saying these things but part of me doubts that movie and tv producers are so hidebound that they wouldn’t green light this show if it didn’t have any connection to Nancy Drew. It doesn’t make sense that “hot blonde waitress with ex-con African American boyfriend named Stacy and Jonathan doesn’t get made but rename them Nancy Drew and Ned, least likely African-American male name ever, and its all golden to the money people. The money people probably don’t have any memories of Nancy Drew either.

        I guess my other issue is that the subversive nature of the show feels fake. It reminds me of the review of V for Vendetta in the NYT. The reviewer notes how there all these teenage boys seeing V for Vendetta as really subversive when it wasn’t that subversive at all and she wished she could show them something really challenging.Report

  2. Avatar DavidTC says:

    Technically, Veronica Mars had a ghost, too, in Lilly Kane. Yes, 99% of that was clearly just Veronica projecting her issues with that unsolved murder….but what happened in the season two premier, after the murder’s been solved, is pretty hard to explain.Report