Weekend Plans: Back To Normal



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  1. Avatar jason

    Busy weekend for us. We have a football game early Saturday, and then a party for my niece’s fiance, who is getting out of the Air Force. On Sunday, we’re driving up to Denver to do the early bird viewing of the Monet exhibit.

    While I’m excited about all of this, I’m also kind of wishing it were a “stay home and chill” weekend. I’m guessing that will be next weekend.Report

  2. fillyjonk fillyjonk

    HOPEFULLY, if nothing falls through (but things can always fall through*), a friend and I are meeting up in Sulphur Springs to hit a museum or two there, and go to the German restaurant for lunch.

    Of course, before I can do that tomorrow, there’s a little clearing-of-the-decks this afternoon – have to run some errands, have to prepare a dish for the potluck (saying goodbye to our excellent minister, and I am not happy he is leaving even though I understand why) on Sunday.

    (*She lives near family, some of whom have unexpected health issues that crop up and require her to drive them to the ER or doctor on short notice. It sucks, but I’ve kind of adapted to plans once in a while having to cancel)

    I also got the house cleaned up some last evening (I don’t know how it gets so bad in just a week; I am the only one living here). Set up the new blender I bought like 2 weeks ago and had no time to unpack. So I think I’m going to stop off at the nice small local grocery on my way home and get some ice cream, and make myself a “Yay, I survived another week” milkshake. Because honestly, some of these weeks, just surviving them is a thing.Report

  3. Avatar DensityDuck

    I used to get See’s Candy Lil’ Pops to give to kids for Halloween–a little variety, y’know, something exotic, something new and different–until I was told by my wife that this was an Old Man Candy and that I was Not Allowed. Henceforth we would be giving out PROPER CANDY, which is “small square versions of standard candy bars, and when you get a bag make sure it has Almond Joy, and also let ME get the bowl ready and DO NOT ASK why there aren’t any Almond Joy bars in it.”Report

  4. fillyjonk fillyjonk

    also that reminds me: probably time to take the supplemental window AC unit in my bedroom out of the window (so I can run the whole-house on a much higher temp in the height of summer). This is involved because it’s screwed into the sash (first floor bedroom, don’t fancy risking easy access to randos OR the unit falling out if one of the local feral cats climbs on it)

    At least I have mostly sufficient food so it can just be a quick trip to Pruett’s for fresh things, rather than a longer trek out elsewhere.Report

  5. Avatar Pinky

    I was just trying to remember the usual OT weekend intro line. Something like “is it Friday already?”. I was going to work it into a line like “how can you tell whether it’s Friday already?” Something like that. This will be the third Sunday in a row without church, and that really disrupts my sense of the week. Even telework feels a lot like sitting at my desk on a Saturday or Sunday playing games. (What can I say, I have a lot of fun work and/or boring games.)

    If you’re teleworking, and you’re able to, make a place feel like an office. Use a different desk, put on work clothes, maybe go for a 15-minute walk before signing on. Trick your head into thinking you just “went” to work.Report

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