Atlanta Sports Fans: Why us, oh Lord?

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5 Responses

  1. I wrote about this a few year’s ago. It’s stunning how bad it is.

    The Hawks have made the playoffs 33 times. They have advanced to one conference final and zero finals.

    In 53 seasons, the Falcons have made two Superbowls and lost both. They have often lost playoffs in heartbreaking fashion.

    In 53 seasons, the Braves have had one title. But they haven’t won a post-season series since 2001.

    It just goes on and on. Cleveland won a title. Seattle won a title. We just sit here, with three sports teams, growing ever more miserable. I really do not understand sports fans, like those from New York, for whom sports is a source of joy and happiness. It’s a source of misery and frustration.Report

  2. Mike Schilling says:

    I can explain the ’99 Super Bowl. In the NFC divisional playoff against the 49ers, your fans cheered when Garrison Hearst broke his leg on the first play of the game. Karma.

    The ’17 one? I watched that and I still don’t believe it.Report

  3. Steve Casburn says:

    As a Portland Timbers fan, my sympathy is…limited.Report