Weekend Plans: Small Pleasures



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  1. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Yes, definitely. Sometimes the small pleasures are the only thing you have to hang on to in a world where everything is changing (and not for the better). For me, it’s getting done with the weekly shopping and having enough food in the house that I won’t have to brave the stores for another week. Or some chilly Saturday when I don’t have to go into the office and can make baked beans from scratch or some other “very slow cooking” sort of thing. Or loading up the bed with blankets when it finally gets cold enough to need them. Or receiving something you ordered in the mail, that’s a big thing for me these days.

    Cold rain here this morning, though it’s supposed to be sunny (but fall-cool) tomorrow. I didn’t go antiquing last week because both cities I would have gone to were having “fall festivals” that would have meant crowds and difficult parking, so I think I will go this week. Not sure what else I might do but at least (a) I don’t have to go in to my office and (b) I won’t have to mow the lawn.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to fillyjonk says:

      I admit to kinda liking grocery shopping. The zen to be found in wandering up and down the aisles, the small bursts of surprise and delight when I find that a particular apple is back or the blackberries are on sale.

      I saw a meme on the twitters that said “I am ‘I am angry when they rearrange the grocery store’ years old” and I felt that in my gut.

      (Checkout is awful, but checkout has always been awful.)Report

      • fillyjonk fillyjonk in reply to Jaybird says:

        It’s not so much the shopping that troubles me; it’s the other customers. I’ve seen people playing tonsil-hockey in Frozen Foods, I’ve seen couples in screaming fights, I once saw a 10 year old boy berating his mother and calling her “stupid” because they didn’t go to a different store that sold the brand of whatever he preferred.

        And yes, I am DEFINITELY “I am angry when they rearrange the store” years old, I have always been that old.Report

  2. Avatar Aaron David says:

    So, funny story. On Tuesday, the wife and I were settled in for the evening; reading, watching a little TV. All of a sudden she looks up from her phone and asks me, fairly pointedly, “Do you know what day it is?”
    “Er Tuesday?”
    “No, what date it is?”
    So I reach for my laptop, check the date.
    “It’s October the eighthhhhhohshit. Happy anniversary babe.”

    We had both forgot. And it was only because she had set a reminder on her phone that we knew at all. So, tonight which is normally date night will be ramped up to semi-special date night. Fourteen years goes by in a flash.

    I have been repainting the trim on my house, but as the temps have dropped lately, I think I am done for the year on that, so I will move on to inside projects. Next on that list is refinishing the stairs. 100 years of scrapes, scuffs, glue from when they were carpeted, etc. All that takes a toll.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Aaron David says:


      (The first anniversary for Maribou and I, we had to dig out our marriage certificate because we couldn’t remember if we got married on the 26th or on the 28th. (We knew it was one of those.))Report

      • Avatar Aaron David in reply to Jaybird says:

        Yeah, we had to check various calendars at times. “is it the eighth or tenth?””I don’t know…”Report

        • fillyjonk fillyjonk in reply to Aaron David says:

          So what y’all are telling me (life long single person here) that the sitcom trope of “one spouse or the other gets angry when the other spouse forgets what day the anniversary is on” is mostly a lie?

          And that it’s not at all uncommon for BOTH to forget?

          If something slightly less likely than a meteor striking the earth happens and I do marry, this will be a useful thing to remember. (I am pretty good at remembering dates but also pretty good at not getting upset when people around me forget “important” ones)Report

          • Avatar Jaybird in reply to fillyjonk says:

            There is a point at which we ask “what did I get you for your birthday?” and “was it good?”Report

          • Avatar Aaron David in reply to fillyjonk says:

            Heh. Yeah, after fourteen years, life kinda gets in the way. I guess one person could be really into it, or if there is an issue in the marriage it might wallpaper over it, and so on. But when things are good, and my marriage is pretty good, those things that you do to show love, like buying her flowers on rough days, showing up with some beer for him, whathaveyou, happen because you know the time is right, not the date on the calendar.

            It’s kinda like when your car is running great, you are on a favorite road and that one song comes on the radio, and you just realized that all of your shifts were perfect, because you just weren’t thinking about it.Report

          • Avatar jason in reply to fillyjonk says:

            It probably depends. We remember, and we just had our twentieth this summer. Birthdays we may go out to eat, but we usually don’t make a big deal of them because we tend to buy stuff that we want during the year. I’m sure not having children is part of this, as we can focus on us.Report

  3. Avatar JoeSal says:

    A really nice cool front arrived this morning, well embraced, as yesterday was 92F. Sis said it was snowing up north yesterday. I guess it’s cool enough to do some metal work, and plant some beets. Maybe go for a walkabout.Report

  4. Some Jack O Lantern walking tour in upstate New York then apple picking on Sunday followed by my first Columbus Day off of work in more than a dog’s year. I am hoping to hear from one or two redheads, but then again I am hoping to win the lottery. Fortunately the former is more likely.Report

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