TV Reviews for Regular People: Perfect Harmony

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  1. Jaybird says:

    I am reminded of an old joke:

    How do you join the choir?
    You go to the church basement to go to AA but show up in the wrong room but everybody is so happy to see you that you don’t leave.

    (I’ll tell mom to watch this but I got flashbacks of Nothing Sacred.)Report

  2. LeeEsq says:

    Many Reform synagogues have choirs. I’m not really a fan because it seems to churchy. I prefer the traditional of one Cantor having to do it but I also like smaller synagogues over bigger ones.Report

    • Kind of answered my question there, but I wondered if it was a function of size and talent of congregation, assuming synagogues like churches vary in size and a small church with musical talent will natural have more music than one that does not, etc…Report

      • LeeEsq in reply to Andrew Donaldson says:

        Not really. The quality isn’t bad. I just think its way too churchy for my tastes. There should be one cantor chanting/singing the prayers. That’s it. That was the traditional form. There is a particular way chanted/sung Hebrew sounds that doesn’t work with a choir but does work with a soloist.Report

        • It makes since that style wouldn’t be amenable to chorale.
          Honest question: is that a doctrinal thing or a tradition/preference thing, the one cantor?Report

          • LeeEsq in reply to Andrew Donaldson says:

            That is a complicated question. According to the Orthodox it would be doctrinal because Jews aren’t supposed to imitate non-Jews in anyway, especially in how worship is conducted. Since choral music is associated with Christianity, it can be seen as not Jewish among the strictest. Others would say it is stylistic and tradition rather than required.Report

  3. Oscar Gordon says:

    “has there ever been a TV show placed in Kentucky before?”

    Why yes, yes there was.Report

    • The Daniel Boone show from the 1960s was set in a place that would become Kentucky. The writers had a fairly loose grasp on history and set episodes in times that probably covered all of Kentucky County (Virginia), the three-county Division of Kentucky (still part of Virginia), and Kentucky (separate state).Report

  4. Marchmaine says:

    “a show that portrays Southern Christians as decent people instead of rubes”

    Eh, I’ve watched the first two and I’m not convinced yet… its teetering… depends on how they manage Cochran; plus, the supporting cast (the Christians) are a bit cringeworthy – and not in the Babylon Bee sort of way. So I’m not quite tracking with your love at the moment.Report

  5. Donna says:

    Just watched part of show & extremely disappointed. Sing anywhere & with whomever you want. Depicting the residents of Kentucky in 2019 as deer killers is not flattering & is not necessary. Kids being feed a right of passage to manhood by killing animals. Whatever happened to “thou shall not kill”? Not everyone is capable of enlightenment, Bring back more grey wolves to the states. Teach don’t preach respect.Report