A Love Letter To The Blue Ridge Parkway


Alex Perdue

Alex is an 18 year old freshman at the University of South Carolina who plans to be a History major. He is interested in music, US and UK politics, philosophy, and the history of Europe post-War of the Spanish Succession and the Interwar Middle East. He also maintains his own blog, The Outpost.

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  1. Avatar Michael Cain

    For most of us across the country, today was the first day it truly felt like fall.

    Not being part of “most”…

    Yesterday was a lovely fall day — low the previous night in the mid-30s, high in the mid-60s, deep blue sky, brilliant sunshine. The leaves are, for the most part, at this elevation, still green though. Tomorrow will be a mild summer day — high around 80, mixed clouds and sunshine. Thursday will be flat-out winter — high of 30 if we’re lucky, around three inches of snow.

    It’s one of the times of year when “What season are we having today?” is a perfectly reasonable question to ask before you get dressed.Report

  2. Avatar Kolohe

    Great stuff. Didn’t grow up there, but spent a lot of my late youth / early adulthood there (as many suburban Novans do.) It’s of course not technically on the parkway (actually a significant bit away from it, looking it up), but still, there was no better morning view than Brush mountain from the Prairie Quad in October.

    I am looking forward to going to Skyline drive for a couple of days late next week. Based on what I’m seeing here further east, the color should be popping due to the late heat and overall dryness.

    Hoping to get down to the SW in the spring, and replay all the greatest hits like Dragon’s Tooth and the Home Place.Report

  3. Avatar PD Shaw

    Many years ago drove the Parkway from the Cheyenne Reservation to Asheville, and while it was a beautiful drive what I remember was being anxious because a few days earlier my car stalled in Pigeon Forge a few days earlier, and I kept thinking what would I do if the power goes out along this curving road. Didn’t happen and IIRC the speed limit was around 40 mph. Best view on that stretch? Devil’s Courthouse.Report

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