TV Reviews for Regular People: Batwoman

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  1. Avatar CJColucci says:

    There is no reason in the world to have white men in blackface playing Othello today.

    I think I recall a production of Othello with Patrick Stewart (sans blackface) as Othello and all the other parts taken by black actors.Report

  2. Avatar LTL FTC says:

    If you’re talking about a Batman universe without Adam West and the words “POW” or “BOOM” filling the screen after every punch, you’ve lost me.Report

  3. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Is this part of the Arrowverse? I didn’t know that.

    (One of the things I very much like about the Arrowverse is how they are able to make rich stories with characters on the 2nd (or lower) tier without being shackled by the two big deus ex machinas.)Report

    • Avatar DavidTC says:

      Yes, Batwoman is part of the Arrowverse. Taking place on Earth-1, along with Arrow, Flash, and Legends.

      Interesting fact we learned in the Elseworld’s crossover that I guess you missed: Supergirl’s Earth (Earth-38) also has a Batman, and he’s still active there, and Kara knows him and who he is. Which meant she spent half the crossover trying to keep a straight face as Barry and Oliver argued if Batman was real or how Wayne Enterprises connected to all this.

      I always wondered how they were going to explain how all the shows had made reference to Bruce Wayne and (oblique) references to Batman, despite Supergirl being set on a different Earth…well, the answer is, he’s in both, although he stopped doing it on Earth-1 a few years ago and is a bit of an urban legend. One wonders if the difference between the two is that Earth-38 Batman is friends with Superman, so is a bit more public at it, and still doing it.Report

  4. Avatar James K says:

    I’ve fallen off almost all of the Arrowverse shows, the only one I keep up with is Legends of Tomorrow. Still, maybe I’ll give this one a look.Report

  5. Avatar Fish says:

    I just finished the pilot and I thought it was a great start. Can’t wait to see more.

    As for the Arrowverse, I’m desperately trying to catch up so I’ll be watching Batwoman “out of order.”Report

    • Avatar DavidTC says:

      Oddly, you won’t. 😉

      The Batwoman show, at least the pilot, appears to take place before the crossover anyway.

      In the Elseworld crossover, she’s already Batwoman, whereas in the pilot, she becomes Batwoman.

      I dunno, maybe the pilot was just the origin episode, and episode two we’re going to time jump ahead to when she’s more established. (Although a few other things need to happen too, but I’ll not spoil things.)

      OTOH, trying to figure out the timeline of the Arrowverse at this point is rather difficult…Supergirl’s summer gap was one month in-universe while Flash was six months. (And that’s not me guessing, both those shows make it a plot-point that it has been that long since the last season finale ended.) Arrow’s is going to be years, apparently, if the last scene of the last episode is to be believed.

      And Batwoman had a negative timejump…which, okay. That’s new.

      And Legends is having their entire damn season out of order, because we’re going to see them in the crossover first, but when that’s over we’re jumping back in time and seeing them for several episodes before they get to the crossover, which is just..huh? (And I don’t mean they filmed that and decided to move episodes around, this is, apparently, a deliberate choice on everyone’s part.)

      Time is completely meaningless now.Report