TV Reviews for Regular People: Carol’s Second Act

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  1. Avatar Kolohe

    This and the Unicorn are the two new comedies of this season the wife and I watch together. I like this one better, she likes the Unicorn better, which is not something I expected going in.

    Albeit not being the most original show, I do think CSA* has more opportunity for consistency and freshness than the Unicorn, which, based on the pilot, and its better 2nd episode, is really going to lean into the same jokes every week.

    Carol’s 2nd Act though, as a bit of an opportunity to recapture the spirit of something like Night Court.

    *perhaps abbreviating it like this is somewhat of a mistake.Report

  2. Avatar DensityDuck

    It’s also interesting to see whether they stick with the “age and wisdom complement youth and vigor” idea, which they tried to do in The Rookie and basically gave up on other than a scene or two once in a while.Report

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