Weekend Plans Post: Frozen Pizza



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  1. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    I’m going to Boogie by the Bay.Report

  2. Avatar Murali says:

    Dr Oatker pizza is good. As are the house brand selections you get from mark’s and spencer’s or Tesco’s. Totino’s party pizza is also good. I remember having Chicagotown’s. Their selection tends to be more bready, but its still goodReport

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Murali says:

      Dude. I’ve checked them out and they’ve tweeted twice in the last year.

      Tell me more about the Doc Oatk. Make me believe.Report

      • Avatar Murali in reply to Jaybird says:

        Back when I was in the UK, the wife and I would have a pair of dr oatker margherita (that’s the only flavour we would get) for dinner about once a month. Way back before my brother got married, we used to buy one or two dr oatker pizzas (margherita, quattro formaggi, or spinachi) and have it as a late afternoon snack every weekend.Report

    • Avatar Slade the Leveller in reply to Murali says:

      What an odd name for frozen pizza. It sounds like a patent medicine.Report

  3. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    This afternoon, once I get the grading I need to do done, I’m going to do “cleaning sprints” – my house got *really* bad in the wake of my dad’s death and the other losses/upsets of this fall, I think I’m finally pulling out of the situational depression (1) from all of it.

    But the only way I can clean (which is really mostly sorting through crap and pitching some of it and putting the rest away; I did keep up with stuff like sweeping) without getting overwhelmed is to set a timer on my phone and clean like crazy for a half-hour, and then take a break.

    If I can get a decent amount done this afternoon, I might go antiquing tomorrow depending on the weather.

    I will admit I’m a little paranoid right now about driving much – a friend of mine was killed about a month ago in a car wreck, and then a student lost a close friend in a car wreck, and then a woman I knew from church and AAUW who had moved to NC was killed in a car wreck, and now a math prof at a junior college near me was killed. And while I know car wrecks happen every day, it seems like the number of *fatal* wrecks is going up. Or maybe I’m just too good at seeing patterns in things. But yeah, do not like driving under bad weather conditions or at a time when traffic is bad…

    (1) I HOPE. I know these things are never linear but I feel better this morning than I have in quite a whileReport

    • I’m so sorry to hear about everything you and some of the people you know are going through.

      I totally get the “seeing patterns” thing. I’ve been doing the same thing, but with a different basket of tragedies. (I’ve become kind of hypochondriac* about a certain condition, and I tend to hyper-notice instances of people, both quasi-personal acquaintances and celebrities succumbing to it.)

      I’m glad you’re maybe feeling a little better, again with your caveat that these things aren’t linear. Having lost both my parents over the years, I can say that, at least for me, the weird and depressing feelings come and go, and when they come, they come (seemingly) randomly.

      *I’m not saying “hypochondria” lightly. It’s like being really afraid of something as if it’s actually happening even though all of the evidence suggests that it’s not. It’s almost like I know it’s hypochondria but I refuse to “accept” it on a deeper level.Report

      • No, I get it. Back when my dad was diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and then I had to go and get treated for hypertension, and my new doctor was all “we need to do a complete bloodwork panel on you because it’s been some years since you had that done” I worried acutely for about a week that my fasting glucose would be really high and I’d face yet more dietary restrictions and another medication to take and more monitoring to do.

        There was no real reason to suspect it; I had no symptoms (though I guess type II can be pretty asymptomatic), I work out regularly, I don’t eat much sugar or carbohydrates. But that familial link worried me.

        I should not have worried. Oh, everyone should be *careful* about sugar intake, but I was monitoring what I ate and wondering if I could cut back to less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. I know lots of people who do Keto do that sort of thing but….I find cutting out stuff like dairy (which has carbohydrates) and the occasional potato dish would be really hard.

        I also have a couple people in my immediate circle here who are type II who are very….vocal….. about it, and who do stuff like criticize other people if that person so much as eats a cookie. Which is unpleasant and even at the height of my greatest salt restriction I’d be more prone to say “enjoy it for me, please” if I saw someone, for example, getting a pepperoni pizza.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird in reply to fillyjonk says:

      Oh, jeez! That’s awful! I’m pretty sure that this is a statistical anomaly but I imagine that that is exactly as comforting as the phrase “statistical anomaly”.Report

  4. I LOVE frozen pizza. It might not usually be as good as fresh or delivery, but it’s cheaper and it’s nice not to have to deal with people to get it. That sounds sad, but sometimes it’s nice to have time to oneself.

    I’m not sure I have a single favorite, but here’s my list of go-to’s.

    1. Tombstone
    2. DiGiorno cheese stuffed crust
    3. Bellatoria
    4. Screamin’ Sicillian (Holy Pepperoni)
    5. Nick and Vito’s (They have a restaurant in Big City, but I don’t think they’re a chain, and I’m not sure how widely the frozen version is sold.)
    6. Lou Malnati’s (a Big City chain restaurant, but they have a frozen version that’s almost as good as the origiinal)
    7. Mystic Pizza
    8. Totino’s (I think they’ve gotten smaller???)

    I tried Red Baron’s once and didn’t like it, but I might try it again someday.

    I’m a pepperoni person. In Big City, however, sausage pizza seems to be an obsession. It’s not unusual for stores to have only one or two versions of pizza with pepperoni and the rest are cheese, or sausage, or sausage and pepperoni. (Some have vegetables, but who wants vegetables?) So I often buy the cheese versions and add pepperoni. (The good thing about Tombstone pepperoni, though, are the little cubes of pepperoni they add in addition to the regular pieces.)

    Thanks for the spice grinder idea. Do you ever put the seasonings on before you cook the pizza, or after? (Asking for a friend.)Report

  5. Avatar JoeSal says:

    Totino’s, maybe not a favorite, but it is everywhere I shop. Usually it ends up folded into a quasi calzone taco thing.Report

  6. Avatar Aaron David says:

    I don’t think I have eaten a frozen pizza since maybe high-school. Just never occurs to me. Oh well, maybe next life.

    This weekend will be rainy, so I think I talked the wife into a busmans holiday for me, meaning going antiquing.Report

  7. Avatar Maribou says:

    It’s my husband’s birthday this weekend, so we’re going to see Joker tomorrow.Report

  8. Frozen definitely works in a pinch JB, when we travel to exotic spots. We enjoyed frozen pizza a few times in Oman earlier this year.Report