TV Reviews for Regular People: Stumptown

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  1. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    Been kind of excited about this because it’s set here in PDX; however, the show only does occasional location and establishing shots here. Most of the principal photography and, to my understand, all of the editing and other post work is done up in Vancouver BC.

    I am currently working through the Sandman graphic novels (OT did a book club of them before but I did not participate in that one because at the time I didn’t have discretionary funds to buy graphic novels), and when I am done with the principal run of Sandman, I shall move on to Stumptown. They’re highly regarded and widely available.

    And I agree, Cobie Smulders has more charisma atoms in her body than carbon.Report

    • Avatar jason says:

      If your interested in a show set in Portland, check out Grimm–it’s cheesy, but there’s charm to the cheesiness, and I think they did most of the shooting in the Portland area.Report

      • Avatar Pinky says:

        I watched Grimm for a bit, but it never really pulled me in. Then they did this one horribly anti-Semitic episode, and I get it, if you’re taking from German fairy tales there’s going to be an element of that, but come on, it was a vulture named Dr. Levine.Report

        • Avatar jason says:

          Yeah, I had to google it to remember, but the wesen form does look like an anti-Semitic stereotype. It’s ironic, I guess, because much of the show dealt (rather heavy handedly) with the “racism” different types of wesen.
          I guess for us, the appeal of the show was the predictability of the episodes with monsters of the week, etc. And we dug the main characters.Report

  2. Avatar Pinky says:

    I used to think that Donal Logue was always good, but always in bad things. My new theory is that he’s incapable of elevating material. I mean, he’s probably going to play the Donal Logue character.Report

  3. Avatar Jesse says:

    Stumptown’s either going to run for 8 seasons, then exist forever on streaming services, or be gone in 13 episodes.Report

  4. Avatar Vanessa says:

    Why does Dex have to be bisexual? I will quit watching unless they fix her! I think gays are determined we are going to watch this display of sex on tv. I don’t care if someone is gay, bisexual or whatever else they need but don’t put on tv.Report