The Perfect Spot.


Aaron David

A fourth generation Californian, befuddled.

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7 Responses

  1. Steve Steve says:

    I’d take Fatte’s or Domino’s over Woodstock’s pizza. I think yours is heavily flavored with nostalgia.Report

    • Avatar aaron david in reply to Steve says:

      A good friend of mine back in the day was Fatte’s driver. And I was a driver for Dominoes. But no, I do think it was the better pizza.Report

    • Avatar Alan Scott in reply to Steve says:

      So, I don’t think it was around back when you folks were here, but to my mind the best Pizza in town is at Petra, the mediterranean place at the north end of Higuera street. Not the most traditional style, but it’s got light fluffy crust, no sauce, perfect cheese, and a great selection of toppings (I’ll go with gyro + banana peppers + olives, personally)Report

  2. Avatar DW Dalrymple says:

    Great piece!Report

  3. Avatar Burt Likko says:

    I’ve many happy memories of the Isla Vista shop. Maybe when I’m in Corvallis, we can meet at Stock’s and split a pitcher and a pie.Report

  4. Steve Steve says:

    Petra isn’t bad as a contrast gain. I used to drive down to Los Alamos to Full of Life for the brick oven pizzas.Report