The Magic Goes Away

Michael Cain

Michael is a systems analyst, with a taste for obscure applied math. He's interested in energy supplies, the urban/rural divide, regional political differences in the US, and map-like things. Bicycling, and fencing (with swords, that is) act as stress relief.

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2 Responses

  1. Jaybird says:

    Fort Collins had “Pizza Dude”. It, apparently, doesn’t exist anymore (but there is a facebook post that asks “does anybody remember Pizza Dude?”). The best pizza in the world, if you were 19 and couldn’t find someone to buy beer.

    Not good enough to survive to 2019 with more than one mention on Facebook, of course.Report

  2. KenB says:

    This is how i feel about the pizza places I went to when I was young — lots of nostalgic feelings, but the pizza itself doesn’t match up to my current standards (especially having lived in the New Haven area for the last few decades). I’ve also come to the realization from my many visits back home that my siblings (who all stayed in our home state, unlike me) have very low standards for what qualifies as good pizza.Report