I’ll Take My Pizza Ohio Valley Style…

DW Dalrymple

DW is a Proud West Virginian from the top of the middle finger, a former political hack/public servant and alleged rock-n-roll savant. Forever a student of the School of Life. You can find him on Twitter @BIG_DWD

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3 Responses

  1. Sheila Tone says:

    I never heard of this before. Part.of me cringes at the idea of even more fat on my pizza, buy it’s not health food anyway. I wonder if it would be the same if I just tossed some shredded mozzarella on my next slice.Report

  2. DW Dalrymple says:

    In theory it would work Sheila but it won’t be the same as getting a fresh piece out of a DiCarlos Oven. Give it a shot though!

    Thanks for reading.Report

  3. Joe Mack says:

    Well, it’s good to know Yankees are crazy whether northeast or Northwest Territory.Report