Weekend Plans Post: The Best Man



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5 Responses

  1. Avatar Fish says:

    That’s a good speech.

    I had an opportunity many many years ago to be a best man. Due to circumstances that very nearly ended up in me not even being able to attend the wedding, I ended up not having to do much of anything outside of keeping my friend focused before the ceremony, being the calm problem solver, and delivering my speech. The thing is, I’m TERRIBLE at prepared remarks. So to avoid this pitfall, I thought about my friend and how we met and the adventures we had together and I thought about the bride and how we met and the interactions we had in the short time I had known her and I ad-libbed it on the spot. It got the right number of laughs and the correct number of smiles and nods. It was a little roasty of my friend and a little complimentary of the bride and to top it all off I flubbed my toast line but I’d built up enough good will that everybody just followed along with me. Good times.Report

  2. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    My brother’s best man very nearly had to give him the tux off his back; the rental place screwed up badly and it wasn’t at all clear if they’d be able to get the missing garments to the church on time. (Ultimately they did). The best man was 100% prepared, though: he had dress slacks and a tie and suit coat that would have been perfectly acceptable.Report

  3. Avatar Pinky says:

    The best man should also ask the groom if he really wants to go through with it. Remember, the best man serves as a semi-official witness. You’re representing the people there to affirm the wedding. So you’re also the last line of defense. You need to have a serious talk with the groom. You may be the only person in the world that the groom can confide in at that point.

    You also have a more lighthearted role as the avatar of the community. Everyone at a wedding is frustrated that they don’t get any time with the bride and groom. Your job is to convey the warmth that everyone’s feeling. You have to be oversized and happy. Some things are going to go wrong (or at least unplanned) – everyone but the bride realizes that. The maid of honor is going to take care of some of them, and if you happen to spot a problem, you should step in and fix it. But your main purpose is to represent the happiness in the room.Report

  4. Avatar Aaron David says:

    I just realized, I was a groomsman once, and that marriage has lasted 26 years! Wholey Cow! I was a best man once also, and while that marriage lasted 14 years, it did not end well. At all. So…

    In the middle of painting my house, so I got that going for me, which is nice.Report