Weekend Plans Post: Wedding Season



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11 Responses

  1. Avatar Doctor Jay says:

    Hey, in thirty plus years we have switched sides of the bed maybe 3 or 4 times. Mostly it happens when we move or rearrange the furniture.Report

    • Avatar Fish says:

      I can totally see this if your side-of-bed preference is determined by it’s relationship, say, to the bedroom door or the bathroom or whatever. You move or you rearrange the room and suddenly sleeping on the other side of the bed makes sense.Report

      • Avatar Jaybird says:

        “Baby, I appreciate that you want to be next to the bathroom, but that means that we’ll have to turn the bed 180 and put it against the other wall.”Report

        • Avatar Fish says:


        • Avatar Marchmaine says:

          Heh, what’s weird is that I can remember every bed placement in every room we’ve lived in, and on which side I slept. Of course, it was *always* the same side (the left, if you are at the foot facing the headboard).

          Until July 2018. We switched when we got a new mattress… for no other reason than we are the devil-may-care-free-spirits who change bed sides… every 22-yrs or so.Report

  2. Avatar Fish says:

    The synergy thing is huge. For us, it was laundry. My Dad (who was taught by my mother) taught me how to do laundry. Likewise, K’s mother taught her how to do laundry. She didn’t like the way I did laundry (a cause for offense early in marriage) and I didn’t like the way she folded laundry–the solution was simple: She washes, I fold.Report

  3. Avatar jason says:

    Early in our marriage, my wife once screamed at me, “I’m not eating pepperoni every time we get pizza.” I had to accept other toppings. Mostly. I learned to tell her I was watching a “Jason Movie” which was a signal that I was watching some weird shit she wouldn’t like, and she learned that I will never watch Monster In Law again.
    Luckily, we both like British murder mysteries.Report

    • Avatar Jaybird says:

      We get two pizzas. She has her pizza. I have mine. We ziploc up the leftovers and have lunch for the next few days at work.

      Everybody’s happy.Report

      • Avatar Marchmaine says:

        See, this is a hidden benefit of having (lots) of children… we have to order sooo many pizza’s (usually at least 3 large) that we have 6 sides to work with. Sometimes I run out of special orders and trail off with… uh, um, just cheese, er, on that last half, I guess.

        But never green peppers. Ever. It is written.Report