Booker Could Actually Be Good at the Job


Mike Schilling

Mike has been a software engineer far longer than he would like to admit. He has strong opinions on baseball, software, science fiction, comedy, contract bridge, and European history, any of which he's willing to share with almost no prompting whatsoever.

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10 Responses

  1. Avatar CJColucci says:

    Another guy I have no problem with and would probably be more than fine. At this point I feel as though I’m living Keynes’ comparison of the stock market to a beauty contest where the voters are asked not to pick the one they think most beautiful, but the one they think the other voters will pick.Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird says:

    Back in the heady days when there were only 12 or 14 or so likely candidates, I remember thinking “every single one of these people would make for a fine, fine Vice President”.

    Booker was foremost in my thoughts when I was thinking that.

    (His snow shoveling stunt was *BRILLIANT*. It made me a (minor) fan and when a handful of local young people started to tease him for doing that sort of thing, he told them to grab a shovel and help and that got half of the remaining Republicans in his district on his side too.)

    For what it’s worth, I still think that he’d make one hell of a VP. (The only reason he wouldn’t be on the ticket is because of some cynical calculation like “we can’t have two people from the Northeast” or “Buttigeig is the VP”.)Report

  3. Avatar Blake says:

    T-Bone could not be reached for comment.Report

  4. Avatar Aaron David says:

    I think that it is good he was a Pac-10 kid.

    It would be better if he was Pac-8, worse if he was Pac-12.Report