Jay Inslee For President

Michael Cain

Michael is a systems analyst, with a taste for obscure applied math. He's interested in energy supplies, the urban/rural divide, regional political differences in the US, and map-like things. Bicycling, and fencing (with swords, that is) act as stress relief.

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11 Responses

  1. Chip Daniels says:

    This hedgehog knows one thing, unfortunately it isn’t the thing that matters.

    Oh, climate change is important, yes existential.
    But has Inslee ever asked himself why the 40% of the country that supports the other party is so vehemently opposed to solving it?Report

  2. J_A says:

    Jay Inslee is like the “abortion is my single issue voter, because nothing compares to the genocide of abortion” voter.

    When nothing else matters except the single big issue , no matter how much the single big issue s, you give away the ability to do and control anything else in your life:

    Crime: Who cares, when we have Climate Change to face?
    Inequality: Who cares, when we have Climate Change to face?
    The economy: Who cares, when we have Climate Change to face?
    War with Iran: Who cares, when we have Climate Change to face?
    Housing: Who cares, when we have Climate Change to face?

    Climate change is a very, very important issue, whose effects ripple through other aspects of our lives, I know and acknowledge that. But the way to bring climate change to the fore is to make clear to voters that climate change is a common element in many of the issues our society is facing, and that fighting climate change is ONE OF the things we must do.

    You know what will reduce abortion: education, improved economic opportunities, cheaper housing, more accessible health care.

    You know what won’t reduce abortion, except at the margins, and for a very short while: fighting abortion and ignoring all of the above.

    Fighting climate change and ignoring the rest, because it is not as important, will not produce the results Inslee wants. More likely, it will make the situation worse.Report

    • George Turner in reply to J_A says:

      The most important thing we can do right now is to keep Mexicans and Central Americans from crossing the border, because once they are in the US their carbon footprint skyrockets to US levels. The US has very high per capita carbon emissions, so letting anyone come here from a lower-emission country is just going to accelerate the collapse of the planet.Report

  3. Inslee has been kind of wishy-washy on nuclear, which is the most viable alternative to fossils. That makes me leery of this seriousness on the climate.Report

    • Ozzzy! in reply to Michael Siegel says:

      It shouldn’t make you leery on his climate bonifides. How much realer can you get then by making the topic EVERYONE of your opponents agrees on with you the centerpiece of his campaign?

      I’d just say he’s be dishonest or he is dumb. It’s kinda an either or on megawatts and megatons.Report

    • Two thoughts, both at least mildly detrimental to Gov. Inslee.

      He’s governor of Washington. The ongoing mess at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation means that no governor of Washington can be pro-nuclear. This will be largely true for any Democrat from the West. Kamala Harris voted against a bill to speed up licensing of new nuclear reactor designs in committee in 2017. The bill was cosponsored by Sen. Booker and passed out of committee on an 18-3 vote.

      Gov. Inslee’s proposals have been obviously shaped by various studies of the US Western Interconnect by national labs, and by work sponsored by the Western Governors Association. All of those support the conclusion that the Western Interconnect can be de-carbonized in a straightforward fashion without nukes.Report

    • George Turner in reply to Michael Siegel says:

      My complaint about Inslee is that he doesn’t run the math to find better solutions. For example, Washington state had about 70 struggling orcas who were being forced to compete with a booming seal population. Inslee pushed through a billion dollar program to revamp the states waterways and environment and kill back enough seals so there wouldn’t be any more dead baby whales.

      At that point you have a government that’s picking winners and losers, assassinating seals in an attempt to rig nature to favor one preferred species over another. What guarantee do we have that he wouldn’t decide that some of us are evil seals, worthy only of merciless death, so that fat cats can keep on eating like fat cats?

      It would have been cheaper (I ran the numbers on how much they eat per day) to feed the pods take-out from Captain D’s. Such a simple intervention (the fish orders might be embarrassingly large and highly irritating to anyone else in line at the drive-thru) wouldn’t have required the organized state-sponsored slaughter of any marine mammals at all. Or he could just hire some Japanese sushi chefs to make the whole orca problem disappear. Either of those solutions would have required less pilfering of the pockets of hard-working people in Washington state, leaving them more money to spend on cleaning up poop and discarded needles.

      A governor in a state with a massive homeless crisis blew a billion dollars on seventy whales, in part solving the problem by slaughtering a different population of marine mammals, all to satisfy his yawning personal need for some kind of moral purity. And we’re supposed to let him supervise our retirement savings? No way. He’d give away all our trillions to the first person who knocked on his door holding pictures of a sad looking baby animals, and then we’d all be living in a tent in a garbage dump in Seattle.

      And this goes back to the observation that when your state and local officials get on a soapbox and decide their top priority is fixing the world’s problems, be prepared to have pot holes, sewer problems, electric grid problems, homeless problems, crime problems, and traffic problems, because they are incapable of focusing on the basics. A city councilmen who wants to spend city money fighting the diamond trade in the Congo should not be on your city council, he should be in the Congo fighting the diamond trade.Report

  4. Ozzzy! says:

    A hedge-hog is smart and minimizes risk. Hedging is a natural instinct. Hogs don’t like hedges, but love chaos. We all know that is a ladder for the unscrupulous. Thus chaos – hogs = ladder |= hedges = non derivative trader = hedge hog.


  5. Saul Degraw says:

    I like that the governor is bringing attention to this issue but he is one of the many contenders that can do more good in other departments. Inslee should be the head of the E.P.A. or Interior departments if Democrats take back the White House in 2020. Booker or Castro should lead H.U.D. (Yes it would be a repeat performance from Castro).Report

    • I like that the governor is bringing attention to this issue…

      Since I originally wrote the little rant above, CNN has announced that they will be hosting a climate change town hall on September 4. They will use the same qualifying criteria as the September debates. Fivethirtyeight.com is forecasting that Inslee won’t make the cut. That would be my guess as well, as Inslee has to come in at >2% in four different polls between now and then. In all seriousness, if Inslee isn’t there, why bother holding the event?Report

  6. Jaybird says:

    I like Inslee and, if he’s right, then he’s probably got the closest thing to a plan that will get us closest to a place where there will be some appropriate new tech that will figure out how to sequester all that carbon and get us back down into the high 200 ppms.

    The problem is that, if he’s right, there are a number of people out there signaling messages that are not helping.

    I mean, here’s Think Progress: We don’t have 12 years to save the climate. We have 14 months.

    14 months! That gets us to September 2020! That doesn’t even get us to the election that Jay Inslee would need to win before we could even imagine instituting his policies!

    And so we’re sunk before we can even start. Assuming that the author was just bad at math/civics and they meant 16 months, then we are back to a place where 2020 is the most important election of our lifetimes and if Donald Trump wins re-election, we, as a species, are doomed.

    And, quite honestly, if we elect someone instead of Trump who spends time talking about insulin prices or immigration instead of saving the climate, we’re also doomed.

    This is a very small eye of the needle that we have to thread and Our Elites have done a better job of communicating that they don’t take the threat seriously than communicating that this is something that they need to buy into in order to get others on board to kick off a serious collective action on the part of the rest of the world.

    Maybe we should just subsidize the heck out of University of Chicago’s artificial leaves. Forget solar panels on the top of your house. You should have a bank of these. Or some other kind of tech that could turn this stuff around.

    Because if we only have 16 months to save the planet, we’re already boned.
    And if we actually have a little longer than that, we’re in a situation where the shepherd has been crying wolf for so long that if this next visit is wolfless, there’s really no reason to pay attention to him next time either.Report