Weekend Plans Post: Just Subversive Enough


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  1. fillyjonk says:

    T-2 weeks until I have the scoping that everyone over 50 is supposed to get. (My doctor tends to be very insistent about screening tests. The GI doc she sent me to chuckled and said “You just barely turned 50 and here you are!” and I sort of miserably said my doctor is very insistent about these things).

    So I need good distractions because I am having all the anxiety. (Weird allergies, including some drug allergies, which makes me worry about how I’ll react, also I had an extremely bad experience as a teen getting a broken nose set under a different, harsher anesthetic)

    So I need to find myself some fun and diverting things to do. I’ve already given myself permission to re-read all the escapist stuff I read as a teen (I am going through maybe my 20th re-read of “The Hobbit” right now) and I’m thinking maybe going antiquing tomorrow afternoon.

    the other problem is most of the people I hang out with in meatspace are on vacation right now so I’m very alone, which is not good for what goes on in my brain.

    I plan on playing a lot of “Mahjong Titans” between now and then; that’s one thing that shuts up the yammering in my brain.

    I might also take a quilt off to drop off at the quilter’s, as a little promise to myself that there WILL be a “future me” to pick up that quilt. Because I confess that I am scared something will go wrong and there WON’T be a “future me.”Report

    • Michael Cain in reply to fillyjonk says:

      We switched providers to Kaiser Permanente last year. Kaiser’s research arm has studied colon cancer screening methods since the 1980s. If you have no personal or family history of problems, Kaiser recommends one of (a) annual fecal test, (b) every five year flexible sigmoidoscopy, or (c) every ten year colonoscopy, all being about equally effective in actual practice. I have no history and immediately opted for (a), at least until one comes back positive.

      The first year I got the FIT package at the doctor’s office. This year (and each year going forward) Kaiser mailed me the package.Report

    • jason in reply to fillyjonk says:

      I have the family risk, so I had my first scoping last year (at 47). They found a small polyp which they removed, otherwise I’m good until 2023. The prep wasn’t as bad as I feared and the anesthetic “nap” was amazing. I was on the table and the doc starts selling me on how important this is and how dangerous colon cancer is and I’m like “I went through the prep; we’re doing this. No need to convince me.”
      I hope it goes well for you. I was nervous before the procedure–zone out and think about The Hobbit until they knock you out.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to fillyjonk says:

      Good luck! Go antiquing and get yourself something that will make you say “I lived, jerkfaces!” every time you see it.

      And put it someplace where you will see it often.Report

    • Aaron David in reply to fillyjonk says:

      You’ll be fine, fillyjonk! And please go antiquing, my field needs more lovers (and spenders!) And I have this coming up in a couple of years, being 48. So, right there with you.Report

    • veronica d in reply to fillyjonk says:

      Yep. I too am scheduled to get “scoped” sometime soon.

      I actually don’t mind the scoping itself. Given my lifestyle it probably won’t be a big deal (if you see what I’m trying to say). But dammit all the prep work and diet restrictions and having to have someone pick me up (my gf lives in a neighboring state and only comes out on weekends), etc. It’s a damn nuisance.Report

      • Since I’m at extremely high risk and get scoped every six months, I make sure they arrange for the Endoscopy to be at the same time, since they have to put me all the way out for that. Both ends at the same time while I nap seems the most efficient way to do things.Report

        • veronica d in reply to Andrew Donaldson says:

          Actually I’m terrified of “going under.” I just — dammit I hate that gap.

          (Yeah, I know it’s just like sleep, but it isn’t exactly. I can’t explain.)Report

          • fillyjonk in reply to veronica d says:

            YES. Most of my fear right now is centered on the anesthetic.

            I have a lot of weird allergies and am trying v. hard not to think about “what if you’re allergic to propofol and no one knows it”

            No endoscopy has been suggested for me; this is just screening. I hope no one says “hey you also need an endoscopy too” at a later date; that would just seem cruel.Report

          • I didn’t like it either, same reason I don’t like pain meds I like my head clear after 15-odd years of sobriety, but the experience with induced coma and ventilator where I have something like three weeks of nothing and fog make the routine not too bad now. Plus as a frequent flyer I get the same med-surg team each time and the anesthesiologist and I have a running gag of him singing me to sleep with Chi-Lites or some other such tuneage.Report

          • jason in reply to veronica d says:

            I was most nervous about “going under” but man, I liked it. I was only out about 45 minutes but it felt like two weeks–I guess the gap doesn’t bother me; I don’t know why. Maybe I just needed the nap. And I still don’t want any lemon or lime popsicles.Report

      • fillyjonk in reply to veronica d says:

        Heh, I get your drift but yes, I am different, and am even having stress over “a man I barely know is going to see my naked butt up close and personal”

        well, more stress about “I am going to be given the drug that killed Michael Jackson” and also “what the hell if they find something bad in there” but….yeah, stress about many things.

        I live alone and a friend is driving me and waiting on me, and I’m putting together another rota of friends to call me the evening after (and maybe even someone to sit with me for a couple hours after I get home) just to be sure I’m still alive and don’t do anything stupid like put the teakettle on the stove and then forget about it. (I have been warned that short-term memory may be crap for a couple days after the procedure).

        A lot of my stress is that I have been a super healthy person and literally the last big procedure I had done was getting my wisdom teeth out 30 years ago. I’ve had the “knocked out” type of anesthesia twice in my life, and local not even very many times (dental procedures and one when I needed stitches…)

        So I don’t know what to expect. And I HATE hospitals.Report

        • veronica d in reply to fillyjonk says:

          I think I get it. It’s a lot all at once.

          I really wish medical providers did a better job at understanding patients as people. The whole process feels dehumanizing.Report

          • fillyjonk in reply to veronica d says:

            I’d say “I wonder if the doctor’s ever been through this before” but he looks like he’s maybe a little older than I am so perhaps he has.

            My regular doctor has, she recommended this guy as she had him (and then sent her husband to him) but she was a little too jolly about me joining the “Colonoscopy Club” (as she joked about it) for me to be entirely happy. I get that she’s trying to jolly me out of being unhappy about it; people have done that all my life about unpleasant things, but….

            I’ll just be glad when it’s over. (I joked on Twitter about “maybe I’ll wake up in the timeline where Prince and David Bowie are still alive and making music”)Report

    • Fish in reply to fillyjonk says:

      This just serves as yet another reminder that I probably haven’t seen my doctor since I tore my rotator cuff six-ish years ago. I should probably do something about that…

      Hope things go well, fillyjonk!Report

  2. Aaron David says:

    It’s the weekend for The Great Oregon Steam Up! 48 hours of ancient steam tractors, steam donkeys, steam sawmills, and everything else steam-powered, as part of our industrial heritage. Dorkery for the whole family! (my wife refuses to go)

  3. Fish says:

    My mother bought me Motley Crue’s “Shout At The Devil” in 1983–at the height of the Satanic Panic”–without even batting an eye.

    I used to carefully monitor the games my two boys wanted to play until I realized that I was censoring for sex but not for violence. At that point I threw the censoring rubric out the window and decided that the better rubric was to have conversations about the things they were doing in their games. There have been a few games I’ve said “no” to over the years. I can’t remember what they were but I recall my objections having more to do with “this is just mindless stupidity without a real objective point.”Report

  4. Michael Cain says:

    I promised myself that when Denver’s commuter rail finally got to my suburb, I would spend time riding and visit — or at least go by — every station in the system. Hopefully today, but definitely this weekend, I’ll start that. I may write a Tenshot on it, since this is as much for entertainment as anything. Cheap entertainment, at that. As an official oldster now, a day pass good for anywhere the trains go is $5.25. (A two-zone day pass that would get me downtown and back is $1.50. The gas to drive downtown and back is probably more than $1.50.)Report

  5. fillyjonk says:

    very big bad change in plans.

    my father is likely dying, so I have a train ticket to go up there tomorrow.

    I don’t even know what to think. A part of me is longing for it to turn out that the nurses were wrong, it was just a bad medication reaction or something, and he gets better, but realisitically, I do not think that will happen. He was having difficulty breathing this morning and by midday was unresponsive/unable to talk. (I am wondering if he could have had a stroke that was not detected).

    I am pretty devastated. We had a good relationship.

    at any rate, colonoscopy is not happening this summer. Even if everything up there is all over by the day it was scheduled, I think it’s too much for me to go through that after this. They can get me next summer, or if my doctor is really concerned about some kind of test I could do Colaguard this year.

    this sucks big timeReport