Wednesday Writs: Pro Se Edition


Andrew Donaldson

Born and raised in West Virginia, Andrew has since lived and traveled around the world several times over. Though frequently writing about politics out of a sense of duty and love of country, most of the time he would prefer discussions on history, culture, occasionally nerding on aviation, and his amateur foodie tendencies. He can usually be found misspelling/misusing words on Twitter @four4thefire and his writing website

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6 Responses

  1. Avatar Aaron David says:

    Danny Crane has nothing on Charlie Kelly


  2. Avatar Oscar Gordon says:

    Boston Legal was some of Shatner’s best work.Report

    • The episode where they used footage of him from the 50s qnd made an episode of it, I believe it was called “The defenders” was the best work I’ve ever seen from him. Really really good Report

  3. Avatar Kolohe says:

    WW2 – Why did Ron go for that when “Ring the Bell” was right there for the taking? (unless someone already took that)Report