Rutger Hauer Has Passed Away

Sam Wilkinson

According to a faithful reader, I'm Ordinary Times's "least thoughtful writer." So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

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  1. Pinky says:

    My favorite Rutger Hauer performance was in Ladyhawke, which is one movie I’m really surprised has been forgotten. (I think a lot of people hated Matthew Broderick in it.)

    I will also always remember Hauer’s performance in The Hitcher. He said that he stopped playing villains after that movie, because he didn’t know how to play anyone more evil than that character.Report

  2. My favorite Hauer movie is Flesh & Blood, an utter bonkers Paul Verhoeven-at-his-unbridled-80’s-best that you could never get made today. He’s the lead, and carries all the insanity with self-aware aplomb.Report

    • InMD in reply to Andrew Donaldson says:

      I love that movie. The total disregard for audience expectations is brilliant though both Hauer and Verhoeven are probably lucky it didn’t cost them their chances of Hollywood careers.Report

  3. DensityDuck says:

    I think the experience kinda went to his head, though. He later did a beer commercial that he tried to rewrite into a philosophical SF-sounding epic. (The producers fired him and got Alexander Godunov.)Report

  4. Aaron David says:

    I think those lines should be on his memorial.

    Farewell, Soldier of Orange.Report

  5. Anne says:

    Blade Runner came out the summer between my freshman and sophomore year in high school. I love this movie I love the soundtrack. I can’t count how many times I put on the soundtrack, grab a bottle of wine, a good book and have a long bubble bath.

    Set me up for a lifelong love of Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. And then of course was Ladyhawke which I also loved. Rutger was just a really amazing actor. The world is a lesser place without him.Report

  6. greginak says:

    Hauer, like any great character, always brought it all to his parts whether he was a lead or not. Along with his natural intensity that made him always worth watching.Report

    • Michael Cain in reply to greginak says:

      Hauer is a better person than I am. If I had been in his place, at some point, someone would have managed to catch me saying, “Yeah, Blade Runner, Harrison Ford was the star. And the scene that everyone remembers is all me.”Report

  7. George Turner says:

    Fun fact: Rutger Hauer’s daughter Aysha was married to Thomas Jane, who plays detective Miller in The Expanse.Report

    • Mike Schilling in reply to George Turner says:

      I knew that I knew that name, but it took a while to figure out why. Thomas Jane played Mickey Mantle in 61, and he was great (as was Barry Pepper as Roger Maris.)Report

  8. Thanks for writing this.Report

  9. Zac Black says:

    It’s too bad he didn’t live.

    But then again, who does?Report