Many People Agree With Me

DW Dalrymple

DW is an ex-mountaineer now residing in the Palmetto State, a former political hack/public servant, aspiring beach bum and alleged rock-n-roll savant. Forever a student of the School of Life. You can find him on Twitter @BIG_DWD

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12 Responses

  1. Philip H says:

    So, here’s the thing – many people DO AGREE with what he says. Sure, its convenient dodge used by weak people to maks their own weaknesses, but in the case of Mr. Trump, he’s also dead right.Report

    • Doctor Jay in reply to Philip H says:

      I don’t think you grasp the problem. Perhaps I can demonstrate it for you with a hypothetical quote:

      “Trump is Putin’s puppet. Many people agree with me.”

      Do you see the problem now?

      Many people agree that contrails are actually chemical being dumped into the upper atmosphere by the government. That doesn’t mean it’s true.Report

      • cjcolucci in reply to Doctor Jay says:

        It’s not clear whether you and Philip H actually disagree.Report

      • Philip H in reply to Doctor Jay says:

        Slightly less then half of the Americans who chose to vote in 2016 picked Donald Trump. Now, by the time you account for the non-voters and the HRC crowd (and sprinkle in the third party hopefuls) my rough math tells me around 27% of American adults voted for him. From a data perspective that’s “many” in as much as its no where near a few and probably exceeds some.

        I agree that it doesn’t make anything he says true, but I’m not wrong on a number basis.Report

    • DensityDuck in reply to Philip H says:

      “Many people agree” is not always followed by “with me“…Report

  2. Pinky says:

    There’s a podcast I regularly listen to that begins each episode with: “Hello, and welcome to the show. It is a great show, it is a terrific show, it is a tremendous show. Frankly, the best. You can ask anyone about that; people often do.”Report

  3. DODI says:

    This reminds me of the time Rep. Eric Swalwell said on CNN that AG Barr should resign bc he had lost the confidence of the American people after he summarized the Mueller Report. I wondered which folks Swalwell actually asked or if he really asked anyone before he decided to speak for me.Report

  4. mjd says:

    The signs of weakness are clearly there, whether people agree with Trump or not. Good read.

    -from a millennial that hates Starbucks 🙂Report

    • DW Dalrymple in reply to mjd says:

      Even though I wrote this back in July the President continues to make the subject matter relevant on a daily basis. Thanks for reading…Report