How Protests Happen, What They Do

Daniel Bergstresser

Daniel Bergstresser is a finance professor at Brandeis International Business School. He also tweets.

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3 Responses

  1. Mark Kruger says:

    In October 2018 I wrote of the increasing diminishing returns of protest as political action – drawing from the book “Soundbitten” by Sarah Sobieraj. The basic premise was that protest led by activist organization were almost exclusively in pursuit of media coverage – and in particular TV coverage – and had abandoned recruiting and persuasion as a goal.

    Your post is interesting and persuades me to revisit my thoughts in light of the recent studies you mentioned.I’m not convinced yet, but maybe… 🙂Report

  2. Sir Arcane says:

    Minor typo. “These authors’ results demonstrate a substantial multiplier effect – each additional protester at the 2019 Tax Day protests appears to have generated between 7 and 14 additional Republican voters in the 2010 midterm elections.” Perhaps you meant the 2009 Tax Day protests?Report