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Will Truman

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  1. InMD says:

    Did you see the movie and if so how does it compare? I really enjoyed the movie but it has made me wary of watching the show.Report

  2. “My wife won’t be watching it because she happened to be in the room during the wrong episode. Not that the episode was bad, but it was full of teenage drama. It was the only episode like that, but she’s convinced it’s an MTV drama now with everyone yelling about who had a crush with who.”

    Heh. I haven’t seen the show, but that happens sometimes. There’s something I think my spouse will really like, but she happens to watch or just walk in on the wrong episode, and she doesn’t ever want to watch it. (I’d probably be guilty of the same thing, but between her and me, I’m much more of a TV watcher, so it probably wouldn’t happen with a show she likes.)Report

  3. Vikram Bath says:

    I remember seeing the ad for this and thought it might be a good show to watch with LB but perhaps it would be a bit mature for her.

    It sounds like it is way too mature for her. Not anywhere in the same ballparkReport

  4. We liked it and liked the movie as well.

    I didn’t see this as so much a redemption story and more a person trying to do better moving forward.Report