Weekend Plans Post: The Four Day Weekend



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  1. Avatar James K says:

    Tomorrow I fly down to Christchurch for the weekend to see my parents. After that I have 2 weeks off.Report

  2. Avatar LeeEsq says:

    I’m going to Wild Wild Westie in Dallas.Report

  3. Avatar Fish says:

    No four-day weekend for me…I went deeeeeeeeep into the PTO hole so I could tag along on a business trip with my wife to London. Totally worth it. And shockingly, I’m not the only one here today.Report

  4. fillyjonk fillyjonk says:

    Came in today (after taking yesterday off) to try to do some more reading to update the Environmental Policy and Law class I teach, but I’m gonna bail in a few minutes – didn’t get much done because being all alone in the building sometimes creeps me out a little. (Moreso because I met a campus cop on the way in, but apparently he was just doing the usual walk-round of the building to be sure everything was OK)

    Also tired because although the first round of loud neighborhood fireworks quit around 11:30, I was jolted awake at 1:30 by someone else setting off really loud ones, it sounded like on the cross street just north of me (so: about 40 feet away from my house). I try not to begrudge people their fun but since the fireworks started last weekend it’s getting a little old for me now.

    it’s also very, very hot here right now, and predicted to get hotter. I might take my book and go home and try to work there.Report

  5. Avatar Marchmaine says:

    We are going to see Julius Caesar at the Blackfriars Playhouse which is somewhat incongruously located in Staunton, VA – which is great for us since we live almost near Staunton, VA.

    Then we’re going to a farm-to-fork place for dinner since we’re in the land of farms and forks… and that’s just what we do.Report

    • Avatar Marchmaine in reply to Marchmaine says:

      Back from the Blackfriar trip and to all the folks in the MD/VA area, if you haven’t already you should make a special trip to see a play there. The Troop is world class and the Theater itself is transforms the performance from anything else you’ve probably seen. Modeled on the Globe itself (uncomfortable seats and all) you get a very visceral experience of the play such that you see how Shakespeare was using the audience as a cast member … and that the plays weren’t really about *acting* but about moving the audience to the proper moral stance.

      I’d read about that… but until you participate, it’s not completely clear what that means.

      The Anthony monologue hit me in a very different way than ever before (and I think I disagree with how the actor/director took it – but that’s a reaction to being a Roman rather than a spectator – if that makes sense.)

      [plus they play thematically relevant 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, 10’s music acoustically before the performance]
      [and you can drink right there during the play in your seat]
      [and you can sit on stage, if you want]
      [Trust me]Report

      • Avatar Jaybird in reply to Marchmaine says:

        I’m going to need the thematically relevant music thing explained.Report

        • Avatar Marchmaine in reply to Jaybird says:

          Heh, sure… Imagine the actor portraying Brutus opening with an acoustic version of “Under Pressure” supported by the rest of the cast, of course. Followed by several other songs touching on unrequited love, absurd devotion, and resisting power… seamlessly starting the play since it opens with a crowd scene:

          “The play opens with two tribunes discovering the commoners of Rome celebrating Julius Caesar’s triumphant return from defeating the sons of his military rival, Pompey. The tribunes, insulting the crowd for their change in loyalty from Pompey to Caesar, attempt to end the festivities and break up the commoners, who return the insults. ”

          My wife who has seen several plays there says that they always play 80’s music at the start and intermission (acoustic, and sometimes on appropriate period pieces)… not sure if they are worked in to the start of the play each time… but in this case it was rather brilliant.Report

  6. I just bought tickets for an August Lamplighters performance of Pinafore. (We’ve seen The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance in previous years.) There were discounts for kids, students, and seniors, as you’d expect, but also a substantial one for adults under 35. I presume they’ve looked at the demographics and want to develop a younger audience to replace their current, rapidly aging one.Report

  7. Avatar Aaron David says:

    The local antique mall had a big sidewalk sale yesterday and the wife found a few objects that needed a bit of “well, you can do that easily” done to them, so I was out in the Oregon sun* staining and shaping and such. And now she is making me suffer through that god-awful Terry Pratchett show on NetFlix.

    Woohoo, 74 degrees!Report

  8. Avatar Michael Cain says:

    In response to a friend’s “Did your Windows box barf on the most recent Microsoft update?” question, I fired up the VM early this morning to let it do automatic updates. Three and a half hours and two required reboots later, the answer is “No.”Report