Wednesday Writs for 6/26

Em Carpenter

Em was one of those argumentative children who was sarcastically encouraged to become a lawyer, so she did. She is a proud life-long West Virginian, and, paradoxically, a liberal. In addition to writing about society, politics and culture, she enjoys cooking, podcasts, reading, and pretending to be a runner. She will correct your grammar. You can find her on Twitter.

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4 Responses

  1. J_A says:

    L10, and perhaps L11

    Canadian police are, as seen from this side of the Great Likes, very particular about what they enforce. As seen on this clip of that jewel of cinematographic arts, Canadian Bacon

    • North in reply to J_A says:

      Oh my god(ess?) I can still remember and die laughting at the scene where the lady wakes up in a hospital room; peeks out the window and the film shows a clip of a dog sledder laboring across a frozen snow choked plain and she exclaims “OTTAWA!”Report

  2. InMD says:

    Probably most important decision in a long time which will recieve little to no fanfare outside of the profession:

  3. dragonfrog says:

    L10 – This is why I do my bike thievery in Alberta, where helmets are not mandatory.

    L6 – I just can’t understand how a person can be prosecuted that many times for the same crime. Both from a double jeopardy perspective, and from the basic perspective of, if the prosecutor has had two or so attempts thrown out, isn’t there some superior who can take him off the case next time?Report