Weekend Plans Post: The New Schedule



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  1. Avatar Mike Dwyer says:

    Since my wife works for the school system, she has her summer’s off as well. I find it is mostly a net positive. She likes to have an excuse to leave the house every day and actually requests a list of errands that she can undertake (I can even swap cars with her for the day and she’ll sit at the tire place happily reading a magazine while they try to figure out why my brakes are squeaking.) So it becomes a very productive time of year for the domestic side of our lives.

    There’s also a casual atmosphere that takes over. I violate the work dresscode on a daily basis by wearing boat shoes if I don’t have to meet with anyone important and work feels like just a part of my day instead of the whole day because there is SO MUCH daylight left when I get off. On the downside, as my wife’s bedtime drifts later and later, I suddenly realize I am staying up later and later myself and the fatigue sets in. By August I am usually ready for her to go back because that provides some structure. Overall, I like the cadence of the year and it’s nice that summers still mean something, even with the kids out of the house.Report

  2. Avatar Aaron David says:

    I grew up in a small (25-30K) college town, with other faculty brats. So, for the most part, most of us had at least one parent who had summers off. I mean, my dad would teach a summer session every three years, but once he got tenure, it was on! Mom worked for the local school system for a while when I was really young, but soon moved over to do bookkeeping (gotta love those art history degrees.) So, yeah, I remember those days. But now, I work from home so I am the one out running errands all the time, at least the ones my wife doesn’t want to do. Which is fine.

    As for this weekend? A friend moved into our little town surprisingly (wife ran into him at the farmers market one morning), so I will give him a call. Other than that, no idea.Report

  3. Avatar Fish says:

    My relationship to my parents when I was on Summer break was slightly different than yours. My Mom was a nurse, and then she was stay-at-home for the majority of the time between maybe 3rd and 7th grade, and my Dad worked HVAC so he was often gone before I even got out of bed. Parents during Summer break were creatures to be avoided as an encounter with them often meant an end to fun as some chore could get assigned. Now that I’m on the other side of the equation, I better understand the desire to see the kids “do something with themselves” during their long Summer break.

    Women’s World Cut starts tonight with hosts France taking on South Korea–the US team doesn’t play until 11 June. Gaming Saturday, and we’ve got tickets to see Les Miserables on Sunday. Looking forward to this day being over as I feel completely beat to hell after climbing yesterday.Report

  4. Avatar Marchmaine says:

    It is 22:00 in O Pedrouzo Spain which is the last stop on our 115km Camimo pilgrimage. Tomorrow after a 20km hike we should find ourselves at the tomb of St. James (The Greater…the Zebedee boy)…God willing. Thereafter, the Compostela. We are nine ranging from 80 to my son at 4 (and a half, if you ask him). He’s quite the sensation on the Camino…the Spanish ladies call him “valiente peregrinito” and ask to take his picture – which he cheerfully obliges. I half expect to find his face on Spanish tourism sites in the near future.Report

  5. Avatar dragonfrog says:

    Both my parents taught at university, so we also got those great summer vacations – we went camping a couple of weeks every year, and could visit people in other towns and whatnot.

    Our schedule change isn’t for another could of weeks, add that’s when child the eldest is done school. The grown ups don’t really have semester dependant work schedules though so it’s not as big of a change as it might be.Report